Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Chapter

top: Nordstrom // pants: Free People // bag: THEIT // watch MK

I got the sweetest email yesterday coming from a loyal reader who said they were mad at me... WHAT why are you mad? She said she kept checking my blog every hour or so & I never posted. This comment made my heart melt. I am so thankful for each & every reader I get each day.  I am so lucky to have people in my life (blogland & real life) who support my dreams & career. So Thanks everyone!

Today I went & signed the rest of my paper work for my LLC, opened my business bank account, & filed licenses... yippy!! You ask why kind of licenses?! What if I told you it was a re-sale or whole sale license??? Huh? Would that peak your interest on my surprise I have coming your way?? I think it should!

Another thing I am doing today is turning a chapter in the book of Stesha. Yepp I have this book called my life & sometimes my chapters are fun, some confusing, some are hurtful, some are exciting, some are boring. But today starts a new chapter. I have a business that is taking off & coming along so I think I am going to title the chapter as Adventurous! Many times in my book, I get scared to close the chapter so I drag it on & on... kinda like a run on sentence. Some times it takes another person to force me to end the chapter or start a new one. If any of you out there feel like this let me know so I don't feel crazy please! Moral of todays posts don't be scared to stop writing one chapter & start writing a new one, the best is always yet to come!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

it will be a Sunday Funday

dress: BCBG (old) // shoes: Madden Girl // jewelry: Tiffany & Co. // lips: "Tutti Frutti" Revlon Butter 

Happy Friday! These weeks are seriously flying by I can't even believe it. I want time so slow down, I feel like the days are just going too fast I cant even get control over it. Annnnyways, I have super exciting news if any of you follow me on Instagram {@SteshJordan} you will know I signed the official document to my L.L.C yesterday! I have been working so hard on making my own business happen & yesterday was such a huge step forward. Next step... wait for my wholesale license to be confirmed... hint hint!!

Enough about business talk, its the weekend which means time to let loose! There is a new beach club opening in Scottsdale this weekend called Maya Day & Night Club + Calvin Harris is the official Sunday Funday DJ.... can you say AH-MAZING!!  I am going with a bunch of girlfriends & could not  be more excited! I will be posting photos on Instagram for sure so keep an eye out for them! Tell me what your plans are for this last weekend in April...


currently coveting

+ Tory Burch Flip Flop
+ H&M Maxi
+ Mod Cloth Necklace 
+ Butter Nail Polish
+ Michael Kors Watch
+ Kate Spade Handbag
+ JCrew Swim

Can money just fall from the sky so I can purchase everything that I am swooning over lately? Please let me know if this will ever be a possibility! Happy Thursday love bugs!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random Wednesday

pants: Dynamite // shoes: H&M // shirt: Macy's // hat & bag: Forever21 // necklace: Franscesa's // bracelets c/o Sophistifunk 

I am super excited & honored to be able to help Shanna host her Random Wednesday link up this week! I am jealous of all the fun she is having in London & all the great experiences... mind you the clothes + fashion she is getting able to see. You go girl!

I think I am going to open up on my blog today a little more than usual. I am guest posting over with Because Shanna Said So on following your dreams. Being in the blog world has opened my eyes to many fabulously strong women who are out following their passions. I started my blog when I was in a low spot in my personal life. I needed something to channel my energy into that would be all. for. me! I started Classic & Bubbly to practice my photography skills. Since starting almost 2 years ago I have now gone to Photography {Stesha Jordan Photography} full time yes, sometimes I have to eat nothing but goldfish & roman but it is always worth it. To me life is about doing what you are passionate about that will make you happy. Sometimes I get frustrated & overwhelmed which leads me to think I am crazy & should just get back into corporate america making $$ working 9-5. Then I think nope, just stick is out Stesh everything will work out in the long run. 

I am super excited to be announcing that I have been working hard hard hard on a new aspect to my blog. I will be announcing the news here in the up-coming weeks. Poring hours on hours of research, emails, working with the state ect to be able to live out my dreams. Starting next week make sure you come check out the blog for details & hints for what I am talking about.  I think you will all really like it... just saying! 

If you are passionate about something make sure you make a plan to accomplish it. Starting is always the hardest part but once you take baby step after baby step you will be amazed to how things come together. If you are feeling lost or confused look where your heart is & go after it. Important message: make sure you have support form your friends & family you will need them when times get hard. 




ice cream cones or coconut oil?

shoes: Target // shorts: Nordstrom // blouse: Forever21 // earrings c/o Acute Designs

Are you obsessed with these earrings?! They are apart of Acute Designs Spring Collection this year. I feel they look like little ice cream cones... do you see it? Maybe it is my obsession with ice creme but when I see them I just want to run out & buy a mint chocolate chip double scoop in a waffle cone! I bet half of you will go buy a cone today now that you have read this ;) 

Two weeks ago I got my hair re-highlighted as I am sure most of you have noticed & have commented on, however it is breaking off and very dry (insert crying emoji here please!) I was at a loss, I worked all winter trying to grow it long & get it healthy so I refused to have it come to a halt now. Let me introduce you to the wonderful magic formula every girl should have in her bathroom.... coconut oil! Yes, this is magic in a bottle! I use it as my eye make up remover, I use it as shaving cream, & I use it as a conditioning mask for my hair. Ladies, I am not kidding coconut oil works wonders & its cheap! Get your butts to Trader Joes this week & pick up a bottle for yourself! That is my beauty secret for the day, if you all have secret please share share share!!


linking up with Style Sessions today!!
Monday, April 22, 2013

simple day.

pants: Free People // shirt: Old Navy // bag: LA Fashion District // shoes: Badgley Mischka // sunnies: F21 // earrings: Diva's Boutique 

five fav things about today:
+ fresh sheets
+ the Voice 
+ soaking up the sun
+ photo shoot 
+ daily run
Sometimes it is important to remember the simple things in life. Monday's are usually negative for people, I am going to choose to look at the positives for my day! It's a simple day but a good day. That's all, Happy Monday blogging beauties!
Thursday, April 18, 2013

on being old

romper: Forever21 // shoes: Charlotte Russe // jacket: Nordstrom

Arizona is usually very predictable with it's weather. Sunny, hot, clear skies, 0 mph wind, 0% precipitation.... same old every day. EXCEPT lately there has been major wind storms & just so happens the wind storms are on the days I am out taking outfit photos! Very annoying. My stringy hair is difficult enough to deal with, having wind is just not my friend!

Anyways enough rambling about wind it is Friday & that is exciting in it's self! This weekend I will be finishing up the last batch of senior pictures I have been working on. Shooting senior pictures takes me back to my high school days. The "kids" as I like to call them always ask, Stesh when did you graduate from high school? ohhh in 2004! The looks on their faces are hysterical.  They literally think I am older than dirt, 2004 that was like almost 10 years ago! Then I hear myself tell them how fast time fly's so take in as many experiences as possible & don't grow up too fast. Then I stop cuz I realized what I just said & I officially accept that I. am. old :( 

In going with that, I will probably be old this weekend by working & watching movies on my couch... but hey thats ok.  I have come to peace with my age! Happy Weekend beauties!


do I look like spring?

shoes + skirt: Forever21 // shirt: Target // necklace c/o Glam Grab

So I am super bummed I can't enter the $450 giveaway because I could sure use some new clothing.  I was getting dressed yesterday & realized I seriously have n o  c l o t h e s! Like none. I was desperately trying to find something to wear, rushing of course because I am always late & Brie was about to arrive any minute. Good thing she is always late too! I sent her a text that read, "I need to go shopping, like now!" her response, "no worries, Ill write a paper while you run to the mall!" as only a fashionista would respond. I didn't run to the mall (I am on this little thing called a budget) so I rummaged through my closet & found my fav yellow skirt I have not worn in a very long time. I paired it with mint & a lace peplum top & was ready to roll. As soon as Brie picked me up I asked, "Hey, do I look like spring?!" the response: "Stesha, you are in sunshine yellow, mint, & white lace....totally feeling the Christmas vibe!' This my friends is why Brie & I were made to be friends! Moral of the story, you don't need to be always out spending $$$ on clothes, just pick through those hangers & find a piece you can style again!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

a little $450 giveaway

It's a mid week surprise for you all..... $450 visa gift card just. for. you!  We all experienced a little shock when it was announced Google Reader will be leaving us, so 17 of us ladies have teamed up to bring you a little (k, maybe not little $450 can buy me a few pair of shoes!) giveaway to inspire you all to follow on bloglovin'Good luck, I am super jeals of the lucky winner!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pray For Boston

I am in complete & utter shock by what happened to the beautiful city of Boston yesterday. My feelings can't even be put into words for the sadness that I feel for the victims who were affected by the bombing. Being that I myself have participated in half marathons in the past I can not seem to comprehend how fist someone could do such a thing at any event, & second how now they could choose such a positive event as a marathon. The running community will never be the same. My heart hurts, my emotions are lost, & all I can think of is why would this happen. All we can do is come together & stay strong as a country. To all those blogging beauties from Boston my thoughts are with you. 


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just Kidding?!

shoes: Target // skirt & jacket: F21 // shirt: gift (wanelo) // necklace: Francesca's // bracelet: Sophistifunk // lips: Dior Fireworks 

Oh Heyyyyy!!! It is Friday, yes yes it is! How happy is everyone? I have a great/busy weekend ahead of me that I am super excited for. I am even feeling a little sassy (if any of you know me in person can agree) which is the reason for the shirt above! How freakin funny is that? Ok so, I would sit on Pinterest with my bff Adrienne all. the. time. It is the highlight of my days (sad?) & every time I would see this shirt or saying on Pinterest I would die laughing. Literally I would fall off the couch because for some reason I thought it was the funnest thing ever. If you know me at all you know that I am very easily entertained! So when I opened my xmas gift from Adrienne guess what I got? Yepp, this amazingness! Given my attitude lately I thought I would sport it & you beauties could enjoy as well! 

So go out there & have one sassy weekend loves! If at any time you need a good laugh come back to the blog & read my shirt & it should do the trick. Happy Weekend, love you all!

ps. enter my giveaway below.... seriously enter!!

Pearls & Pastries giveaway

Okay, I can not WAIT to tell you about this fabulous Etsy shop that I believe every girl MUST go to right now & buy everything. Okay maybe not everything, but if you did buy everything your house would be the cutest thing eveerrrr. Let me introduce you to Pearls & Pastries by Lauren Gray! The hanger above.... obsessed right? The art print of the bobby pins..... even more obsessed. These are the kind of sparkly items Pearls & Pastries has to offer. The best part is the packaging: confetti everywhere & super cute tissue paper with adorable little cards.... just perfect! Here is what Lauren has to say about why she started her shop:
"I started filling my Etsy shop with things that make my days a bit brighter; hoping that in turn it would brighten yours also! I love the little extras in life whether its the beautiful confetti sitting in a bowl on my desk or hanging a new dress on a stunning gold sequin hanger.. Each time I walk past all of the little treasures featured in my shops, it puts a smile on my face!

Every girl should have a little sparkle in their life.
Enjoy- Lauren"
One lucky reader is able to win $15 to Pearls & Pastries, & if you cant wait or you just want everything in the shop you code: BUBBLY15 for 15% off!! HEAD. OVER. RIGHT. NOW. & GET. YOUR. SPARKLE. ON!!

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