Monday, March 26, 2018

5 tips for working from home

I have been working from home for almost 8 years now, I really can't believe it! Before I got the guts to get up and quit my day job and follow my dream job I was working 5am-2pm Monday - Friday while getting my Masters in Business. It feels so weird to think about those days. Life was very routine, I never brought work home with me and honestly I felt like my days were much longer.... sometimes too long. Since becoming self employed my life has changed greatly and I have learned (sometimes the hard way!) tips on how to be successful when working from home. 

I have been thinking of this post for awhile but never knew if it would be welcomed or not. Then I thought of the struggles I have faced over the years and even if this post helps one person out, or saves them from making one mistake I made then it is all worth it. Below I am sharing 5 tips for working from home!

5 tips to be successful when working from home

1. make a morning routine! This is the hardest yet most important part when working for yourself or working from your home. I struggled A LOT at the beginning thinking I could wake up whenever I wanted, wear my pajamas all day, watching my morning shows I would always miss. Oh wait, then at 2pm FRIENDS would come on (how I could watch every episode over and over!) next thing I knew it was 5pm and I was hungry or needed to go on a run before it got dark..... get the point?! You must make yourself a morning routine and follow it each working morning! I wake up and lay in bed for 30 mins (I'm guilty of scrolling through instagram, looking at emails and fb while still in bed even though I have read multiple reports saying how unproductive that is) then I get up an put on clothes (even if just work out or comfy clothes, but something I change into!) brush my teeth and wash my face, and put the coffee on! From there, I  being my work day!

2. work during normal work hours if possible! This is also one of the hardest things and I still struggle with it. Your friend calls and wants to go to coffee, the grocery store is less busy on a Tuesday morning, I just want to run to the mall or Target because everything will be in stock. I can just work tonight, no big deal! Except it is a big deal and you will not nearly accomplish what you need to be done. Trust me, you will always ALWAYS find something else to do other than your work. The only thing I still do is go to the grocery during the week day morning because I can not stand grocery shopping when everyone else is, that I feel is a perk of working from home! 

3. if you can, have an office! Home offices can be amazing, but you have to make it an actual office. Have your printer, pens, files etc all set up. Spend a weekend day organizing and putting together your office space so during the week you are all set for success! It is easy saying, I'l start working as soon as I clean my office.... no, clean it on the weekend and you will be set for the week! If you do not have an actual office to work in, use your kitchen island or table as a desk for the day. I have found working from bed with the TV on and computer on my lap is NOT PRODUCTIVE, therefore I try and make myself sit somewhere uncomfortable in order to accomplish the most. 

4. have your space inspire you! Whether it is fresh flowers, a nice smelling candle, art on the walls, having inspiration will get your creative mind flowing. I try to have fresh flowers in the house as much as possible, waking up to a clean home fresh flowers, and a cup of coffee puts me in such a productive mindset. I also use Pinterest to bring some inspiration to my day, I try to get on first thing in the morning and make a couple pins! You can see my 'inspire me' board on Pinterest here. 

5. make a list! If you make a list of what you need to accomplish and cross it off as you go you will never find yourself sitting and saying, what do I have to do today? On Monday mornings I make two lists, one list for Mondays task's and one list for weekly tasks. Then every other day of the week I make a daily task incorporating items that are on my weekly list and any others that pop up. It feels SO good to cross off a to do list, and it allows you to not forget things since you don't have a boss standing over your shoulder asking if you have sent a certain email or not. 


Heather Noire said...

This is such wonderful tips! I love your photos so much :)

Unknown said...

I love these posts girl!! VERY helpful tips, and totally agree! I learned that having my own office, helps me be more productive and focused!

cute & little

roxyturtle said...

These are great tips! I especially like the tip to work during office hours -- otherwise, work could easily become your whole home life!

Lizzie said...

These are great tips! I definitely have to make office hours and stick to them, otherwise I end up working all day haha!


Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

All such good tips! This post makes me miss working from home-- I totally agree about having some sort of routine to get your day started and get you into work mode.

Unknown said...

Such great tips! I've been working from home now for a few years first for my corporate job and now for my blog and it's definitely important to be able to turn work off for family time!

xo, Laura

Jasmine @ The Jasmine Maria said...

Having a morning routine and making sure I have some sort of "work hours" is seriously the best. It keeps me sane.

Unknown said...

These are such great tips! I recently started working out in the morning and that has definitely helped me be more productive! I agree that having a dedicated work space is super important!

xo, Sara

Anonymous said...

Love your tips!! Especially the ones about creating a schedule for yourself! I thrive off a routine and know I would need to set the same standards for myself if I was working from home

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