Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Canadian Family Photos

 all boots c/o Kamik

Denim, plaid, boots.... does it get any more Canadian than that?

With it being our first holiday season living here in Canada we thought, hey might as well show everyone that the Canadian stereotype is, true! I'd say we are the cutest bunch of lumberjacks if I say so myself :)

Monday, November 6, 2017

kids fall style

Soaking up the last few days of the Autumn leaves has been our favorite thing to do. This is the first Fall season Sofia has gotten to experience, living in Arizona we barely had trees let alone trees that have leaves that change color and fall down! Besides the leaves falling another favorite part of Autumn has been the cozy sweater weather. Being able to bundle, layer, ad snuggle up in oversized sweaters is the best. A question I get asked often from people is, 'how is Sofia adjusting to the weather?' Well, she's loving it!

Friday, November 3, 2017

sweatshirt dress

sweatshirt dress // cardigan c/o // boots (old - similar)

When I was in Seattle I stopped in at the Nordstrom flagship store to see what I have been missing these last 5 months up here in the Okanagan. I came across this sweatshirt dress and instantly fell in love. I wasn't sure how practical it would be here since the weather is turning cold quickly but I took the chance and bought it anyways. Being cozy AND warm are two key factors that are making the adjustment to Fall a little easier and this outfit is both. Why have I never bought a sweatshirt dress before? These are a hit! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sofia's bedroom reveal

We have a special quest appearance today from a little miss who is more than excited to show off her own little Happy Place.  We have been hard at work trying to make Sofia her own little oasis where she can feel comfortable, spend her free time, and most importantly get a good nights sleep.  Her favorite color is pink (go figure!) but recently she likes to say it's teal so we tried to incorporate both colors as much as possible into her Happy Place!