Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rocky Point, Mexico

If you remember just over a month ago we took a little trip down to Rocky Point, Mexico for a couple days. Located just 4 hours south of Phoenix, Rocky Point (also known as Puerto Penasco) is a little beach town full of taco stands, resorts, fish market, and locals. It is not a overly tourist part of Mexico but there is a large area with resorts called Sandy Beach. Thank you to seaside reservations for the amazing stay at Sonoran Sun Resort where we had the most beautiful view on the beach!

The rooms are actually individual condos (fully furnished!) so if you are ever looking to go down for a week or so + don't want to eat at taco stands everyday, cooking a full meal is definitely an option!As you can tell the resort is directly not he beach so making trips back to the room is not an issue + can easily be done!

Rocky Point is not a club popping place. Its a place to relax and get away, maybe ride a banana boat (see video on my instagram!) for most excitement! Another thing we did for some excitement was walk around the fish market! They have a million different shops set up with, and I quote directly from their mouths, 'a bunch of Mexican crap!' I about peed my pants the first time a vendor said that to me. And right they were. I bought a chihuahua sombrero for Levi (see picture here!) and a Mexican blanket for me. The blanket is not crap, I actually love it and can't wait to use it for photoshoots as well as laying in the grass!

All in all Rocky Point is an amazing place for a quick get-away! The water is warm and totally swimmable, the tacos stands are great, the wifi is hit or miss so leave your phones in the room, and just spend quality time on the beach! 

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