Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Travel somewhere you've never been before....

A few years ago I made a new years resolution to travel more. I truly believe you learn so much about yourself by traveling & experiencing new cultures/places. Ever since I made that a resolution I have gone somewhere new each & every year! It doesn't have to be far from home or expensive it just has to be somewhere I have never been before. 

Of course I would love to go somewhere awesome but being that I am trying to start my own business a budget is definitely in place. Last year I had the opportunity to go to Austin for a weekend for the TxSC and meet my now real life blogging friend Shanna! I know most of you were more than annoyed by our over use of Insta that weekend.... my some what apologizes for that. 

As I sit at my desk I wonder to myself where shall my new place to visit for 2014? This is where you all come into place to help me with some ideas!! My mind has been wondering to Chicago, I have never been to Illinois at all, or Nashville... I'd love to attend the CMA fest in June. But I am not totally sold on a place yet so I am asking you all for help. Answer me this in your comments: 1. Where do you live? and 2: Where do you think I should travel too?


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Chicago is a super fun city and there's so much to do! That would be my choice!

Lisa C said...

I live in the DC area. I'm actually planning to visit Nashville for the first time this year. Chicago is also a fun city to visit. Deep dish pizza and baseball are musts.

Unknown said...

How funny my hubby and I want to go to Nashville and Chicago this year! Ever been to San Francisco? I was born and raised there and it is kind of amazinggggg :)

Ashley said...

I want to do this same kind of thing and go somewhere different every year. I live in NC (great place!!) so everywhere is wonderful...Biltmore is fun to visit. But I like your idea of Nashville as well!

Lisa said...

Well, I've relocated to Australia, as you know. But, you should totally visit Portland if you haven't been already! I've always wanted to go to Chicago.

Mary said...

What a great resolution! I've always wanted to go to Nashville, too! I live in Chicago so if you come here let me know! :)

Because Shanna Said So said...

Let's go somewhere together!! I am down for CMA fest!!! How fun would that be???? And maybe you can come to Texas again for TxSC....they better have it again this year!!

Chris Cornman said...

I live in Pittsburgh so I think you should visit Pittsburgh!

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