Monday, September 23, 2013

Pearls & Pastries | guest post

Hello! Happy Monday to you all, I have asked a few special ladies to guest post for me while I make my way back down to Arizona and get settled in. I slacked last week at planning ahead (typical!) but this week I have 4 fabulous ladies who are here to entertain you and since I am on a journey this week they are going to talk to you about a journey of their own! 

First up we have the wonderful Lauren from Pearls & Pastries! Her life is full of sequins & confetti, to say the least I am always jealous.  Enjoy!! 

Hello Classic & Bubbly Readers!! I am so excited to be doing a guest post for Stesha!! We can all agree she is absolutely fab and her blog is amazing!!!

First I would like to start by introducing myself, my name is Lauren I am the voice behind the blog Pearls and Pastries Shop and Instagram Pearlsandpastries ! I am a lover of  pink, gold, happy, and sparkly things! I come to you today to talk about how I started Pearls and Pastries. This is a question I get asked quite frequently and when Stesha mentioned a post about adventure......I couldn't think of anything more of an adventure then starting your own business!

It all started with 1 sequin hanger 6 VERY short months ago. I made the hanger and I would hang my outfits on it for the next day, it became a very fun part of my day. I then naturally needed all of my girlfriend's to have one also! I made sequin hangers for my dearest friends. shipped them out. and patiently waited for calls saying they received them. I had so much fun giving them that little extra happy in their day. What girl wouldn't want to open up a package full of confetti, glitter, and sparkle?!

Soon my idea became a dream, then a sale, then a blog, then a etsy shop, finally a full time job..all I can truly say is BLESSED and THANKFUL.

First I want you to know that if you have a passion for something..GOT FOR IT! You can do anything! 
With your passion comes inspiration. therefor make a creative space! I covet my office, first thing I do each morning is grab a cup of coffee and sit at my desk. looking at all of the fun, inspiring, motivating things in the room only which drives me to do more.
Second be yourself! People will love you! 

Third believe in yourself! No matter what you will always have fear and self doubt....ITS YOUR JOB TO SHHHHH IT :) and turn up the volume on your voice of love! 

Fourth no matter how small your idea may be do it. If you love something chances are someone else out there loves it just as much as you do! 

Fifth fill your life with people that support and lift you. It is our job to support one another, lift each other when the other is down and tell one another " Hey you!!! You are pretty darn amazing, keep your chin up" 

I look for inspiration in lots of places but 2 places I go to frequently are Lara Casey and Alex Beadon

"Check them out you will be filled with inspiration, happiness, and drive after you do!"

One thing I owe a large part of my success to is this print from Lara Casey....we all can relate :) 

I hope you walk away from reading this post believing that you ARE amazing and that you truly can do anything you want to! 

If sparkle is your thing I want you to be able to grab that little spark of inspiration! 
for all Classic and Bubbly readers YOU GET 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER!

Visit the Pearls and Pastries Shop and use code MAKEITHAPEN for 30% off! 



Ashley said...

Loving all of these and I love the first quote, so cute :)

Sincerely Miss Ash

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh fun, off to check out the shop!

birdie to be said...

I absolutely love these pieces!

Unknown said...

This post was so perfect for a Monday morning. I am feeling very inspired and incredibly thankful for this little blogging world where women are so encouraging of one another and making our greatest dreams a reality!

Thank you for sharing Lauren and congratulations on all your success!

xx, Shimmer Me Pretty