Thursday, September 26, 2013

Because Shanna Said So | guest post

Hi, Classic & Bubbly friends! My name is Shanna and I blog over at Because Shanna Said So. I am so excited to be here today while Stesha is making her trek back to the states. Her and I are more than just blog friends, we made our friendship the real deal last month. I will chat about that in a minute.

In case this is your first time meeting me, here is a quick run down on what you will find at Because Shanna Said So. I blog mostly about personal style (aka outfit posts), fashion finds and of course my random life. 

Stesha asked all of us to chat about some sort of adventure in our lives and knew immediately what I wanted to share; my adventures with blogging. 

When I started my blog almost two years ago, I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing, what blogging was all about or what was to come over a few short months.

I am a walking, talking example of what blogging can do for someone...quite honestly, it's been a life changer.

Now, please don't think that I am here to brag or toot my own horn. I just wanted to share with you, especially for those that are new to this whole ginormous world of blogging, that with hard work, dedication and not giving up, amazing opportunities can come your way through starting and maintaining a personal blog. 

First and foremost, I have made some of the most amazing women, some of which I have had the chance to become in real life friends with. Hello, Miss Stesha. She came to stay at my house for four days. Talk about online friendship dating...yes, you can totally make REAL friends online.


I have been blessed enough to travel across the pond, yes to LONDON, because of blogging. Earlier this year I was honored in becoming the Wallis Blogger Ambassador for the U.S. and had the pleasure of flying to London for a few days and meeting the U.K. based brand. It was an experience I will never forget and would have never had if it weren't for my blog. 

Most recently, I had the chance to team up with Nordstrom and co-host an event with them. Another dream come true and an opportunity that I was so gracious and honored to have been apart of. I sound like a broken record, but again, this all came to fruition because of writing a blog and having big dreams.

So, here's the deal. The deep rooted meaning of this post was again, not to be vain or showy, it's to show each and every one of you that with hard work, perseverance, dedication and believing in yourself, the opportunities are endless when it comes to blogging. It can get so overwhelming, tiring and curate plenty of self doubt, but at the end of the day the adventures that come along with it are priceless and memories to last a lifetime.

So, I encourage each one you to shoot for the stars. You never know, one might fall right into your lap. Don't give up and always have fun.

Thanks for having me today, Stesha and to all of you who read my post today.

I would love it if stopped by Because Shanna Said So and said hello. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I look forward to connecting soon!! xoxo



birdie to be said...

So cute! I love real life blogger friends! Great pics!

Sarah Tucker said...

Love you two :)

Brittany T. said...

awhh i love it! Shanna, what amazing opportunities that have come your way because of blogging and even better, the friendships :) i agree with ya there!

Unknown said...

You inspired me Shanna :) I hope that someday I too can look back at the opportunities that have opened up for me because of blogging. You are certainly a genuine person and you deserve everything that has come your way :)
Ms Dee Kay