Friday, August 31, 2012

summer end.

dress: NYC boutique, jacket:F21, necklace: c/o Grab Glam shades: TOMS
An so we have it a summer in the making. It is the last week of August which means summer 2012 has come and gone. Some of my favorites of this year were: lake time, lots of sunshine, softball, kayaking, outside runs, suncreen, new mint green swim suit, lots of photo sessions, my golden birthday, Sedona with my love, being with family, profound new love for strongbow, photo sessions, new babies in the family, floppy hats, Summer Olympics, fifty shades of grey, car washes, day time hikes, lots of ice cream, green smoothies and new freckles! Thank you summer, until next year!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

mascara, lip gloss, and a camera

Canon Rebel, 50mm f1.4: 1/30 @ 3.5f
The other day I had some extra time on my hands ( i should have been polishing my nails as you can tell in these photos) BUT instead I sat in front of a mirror and did some self portraits. With a little mascara and lip gloss I decided to do some self reflection.....turned into more of a funny face kind of session, serious face doesn't suit me well.  It is hard for me to sit down and ponder my thoughts, does anyone else experience that? Usually I do self reflecting/pondering when I go for my runs, however that time usually turns into mentally telling myself I can keep running and running. I like to pretend I am Katniss in the hunger games!! SO let me ask you, how do you self reflect? Any tips I could follow?
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

oh, how pinteresting

totally crushing over fall leather!


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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

you betcha

shirt: F21 skirt: Elie Tahari, watch: MK, earrings:gifted

One of my favorite sayings I have picked up while spending the summer in Canada is... "you betcha!" It makes me giggle every time I hear it and people say it up here ALL THE TIME! To anything. Thank you... you betcha, is this yours? betcha, Can I move this?, betcha! Living in a small country town this summer has opened my eyes to much more than I imagined it would. As the scenery is beautiful, the lack of city life has been an adjustment. Although for my photography, country living is the best studio for amazing photos! Driving home at 8 o'clock at night and no one, and I mean no one is on the street....weird feeling. Everyone is snuggled at home with their families making dinner in their pinterest inspired homes. Spiders are still around, and although I have learnt to look out for them, they still catch me off guard every once in a while. Another fav, driving around town and recognizing at least once a day someone I know passing. I have only been here 4 months, I can only imagine people who have lived in Vernon their whole lives. All in all it has been a great summer, Canadian living!
Monday, August 27, 2012

Stesha Jordan Photography // The Nadeau Family

I am so excited to share these special photos with you all. I would like to introduce to you The Nadeau Family!! Robyn is my beautiful cousin and this is her adorable family. I was honored to arrive in Canada early enough this summer to see my cousin 9 months pregnant and glowing. Robyn and Jason expected their second son at the end of June. Take a look at the cutest family maternity session followed by the arrival of baby Barrett Keith!

The family is now complete. Baby Barrett was born on June 26th, healthy as ever! Take a look at the picture perfect family. 
You can see more of their session on my facebook page; Stesha Jordan Photography
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fairly boring weekend according to my iPhone

Happy Monday! Here we go again with another week. My weekend was fairly boring according to my iPhone ;( Here is what I do have for you...

 Thursday was wing night! SO YUMMY! I forget how much I love wings
I filled in for a softball game this weekend. Let's just say I need some bating practice!
I attended a tight and bright birthday party. It was so fun, pin the tail, pinata, cupcakes! 
I went and did some damage at lululemon...opps! I can't wait to show you my new jacket!

Off to a busy day, happy Monday loves!
Friday, August 24, 2012

looking effortless

easy fall fashion

I am looking for each one of these pieces to add to my fall fashion wardrobe. One of my favorite parts of fall is throwing on jeans and a tee, layering with a scarf and heading out in boots! It always seems easier to "look effortless" when you own all the clothes right? I cant explain how many times I try to "look effortless" yet it takes more effort than trying to look put together. Oh the things we struggle with as women that men just would not understand! 

Happy Weekend
Thursday, August 23, 2012

guest post // Fawn & Flora

Happy Thursday lovies! This week is flying by, yippy!! I am excited to introduce to you one of my favorite shops, and I seriously mean this, favorite! Fawn and Flora is a beautiful with everything you would probably find on pinterest! no joke! Take a look......
Great ideas happen when you least expect them.

Such was the case when Heather, a creator of lovely feminine accessories and Dana, a plush-making designer/artist were introduced through the idea machine known as the internet. 

The girls shared the same love for crafty projects and pretty things, and had the business sense to boot! One day, while working in their separate studios in separate countries, they had a sudden urge to join forces to see if they couldn't take the handmade shop world by storm. 

Their idea was simple. A pretty shop that carried supplies and items to help other small businesses and DIYers add a touch of whimsy to their work.
decorate tape to help fancy up projects!

The ideas kept flowing and Fawn & Flora was born. 

Though the girls are located in different countries, their eye for product and design is an unmistakable perfect match. 

The name Fawn & Flora symbolizes aspects of the girl's other projects. Heather, being the creator of Just Lovely Thing makes floral hair accessories among other things, while Dana mostly creates plush forest animals under the name of Wonder Forest.

We hope that Fawn & Flora becomes one of your favorite places to shop!

Dont you just love their story? Head on over and check out Fawn & Flora HERE!
leave me a comment telling me what your favorite item it :)

Mt fav is this card right here!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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neutral inspiration.

Source: via Alli on Pinterest

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