Friday, May 4, 2012

think positive.

entire outfit: Forever21, watch: MK

Happy Friday! We have made it to the end of another week,  yay, GO US!! Yesterday I went to the dentist,  I dislike the dentist.  Not like ohhh,  I really don't like going but I am a mature adult so I will.... NO! Ever since I was a little girl I have never done well going to get my teeth cleaned.  Sad story,  I never got a pencil or a sticker because I never was a good girl.  Mom was not happy with me and of course my sister was an angel and always sat nice and sweet getting her teeth cleaned.  SO, yesterday I went to the dentist,  I have a crown that needs to be redone.  It is infected since it was not done correctly years ago and now the old corwn needs to be taken off and replaced.  LONG story short,  I had a minor panic attack and explained I will mentally need to prepare myself for this procedure! Mark your calendars, it is happening May 21st! :( After I left the dentist, retail therapy was needed! I was determined to find a specific  black skirt I wanted.  I was having no luck.  How come forever 21 has everything you need until you go to buy it and then its gone?  As I was searing through the mall,  I was speaking to my Mom on the phone who just started this learn to run program.  Yesterday she needed to run 20 minutes non stop.  You can do it Mom, no prob.  She was really unsure of herself, not being very positive, not sure if she was able. All understandable.  I said MOM, THINK POSITIVE! You can do it, you just need to think you can.  I took that same advice with my skirt, I got off the phone with her, walked into Nordstrom and the skirt was staring at me! Yay!!!! Mom called when she got home, she DID it!!! I was so proud of her. A little positive thinking makes all the difference! Happy Friday lovies. Enjoy your Mexican themed weekend!


Ashlyn | Let It Be Beautiful said...

awe, sorry you hate the dentist twin. & i will be thinking of you on may 21st -- i even marked it in my calendar :] & glad you found that perfect black skirt. & of cute are you & your mom!

lets chat soon pretty please!
xx. twin

Lauren said...

love your outfit! I seriously HATE the dentist as well...I really need to go for a cleaning and I'm dreading it!

Alyx said...

ugh the dentist is awful!
You are gorgeous, though, and I LOVE that outfit!

Lauren said...

Ummm, I hate the dentist. HATE it, and I've only had a cavity one time. I hate the sounds most of all, makes me sick just thinking about it.

And 20 minutes of non-stop running? Even at a super slow pace, that seems sooooo hard!!!

henning love said...

my biggest fear?? going to the dentist, ugh!! i hate it, i waited 2.5 years in between my last appointments because i was so darn scared. ugh sorry about the infection and the crown. and retail therapy is totally necessary after a dentist visit