Monday, April 2, 2012

Coachella fashion


I am way to overly excited to announce that I am attending Coachella Music Festival this year in just under two weeks!!! I love music festivals in general, but this one is going to top the charts for sure.  If you are not familiar with Coachella you need to check it out and tell me what you think! I love music, but remembering artists or bands is totally not my forte, so I have been listening day in and day to get into the mood for the weekend.  I have also been thinking about....obviously fashion!! What do I wear?! I found some Coachella Fashion Trends online, and I am thinking I will be hitting the mall this week.  I get to dress like a hippie!!! or at least try!! Happy Monday loves,  make it a good week!!



Ashley said...

Have so much fun!!! Supposed to be an amazing festival!

Ash said...

im way jealous! we live maybe an hour from indio.. but we have NEVER gone! (i feel like, right now, it's way too hipster for me to be okay with going.. if that makes any sense..)

my BFF went when paul mccartney performed.. she called me during hey jude and i sang along with paul and the thousands of other concert goers...

now THAT's friendship..

PS- kate bosworth is hands down my favorite coachella look ever... i LOVE that outfit!

Hannah said...

I'm so jealous you get to go!!! I'm going to some of the VIP parties before, but I'd way rather be in there with the music! Have fun, and don't forget to show us what you decide to wear :)

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Because Shanna Said So said...

have so much fun! i have alwasy wanted to go! can't wait to see what you put together.
Because Shanna Said So

CALLIE said...

O my goodness!! You will have so so so much fun. I love the style/vibe of the event. Fits my inner wannabe hippie to a T!!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

I'm not sure which would be more fun! Attending the festival or finding a new outfit for it?!

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said...

too much fun! I used to live in La Quinta -- the Polo fields and estates were my backyard!! I say dress for comfort and have a blast!! =)

Alexa said...

Really love all of the hippie styles that pop up at Coachella.!

navy and orange said...

perfect roundup! these photos are getting me in the mood for the festive, although might not be copying them all!

xoxo navy & orange