Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend clean up // and giveaway winner!


These past few weeks my computer has been acting so slow.  It has been taking forever to accomplish anything and my patience has been coming to a short end. I started thinking of what could be causing it to run so slowly..... it dawned on me! I took a look at my photo count in iPhoto and noticed my problem....10,000 pictures are sitting in iPhoto taking up memory space. AH! 10,000 that is crazy!! I went and bought an external hard drive and transfered a great amount off of my computer :) My computer is up and running again!! Yay!!!

Here are some pictures I took on my last trip up to Canada in October.  I went on a hike down by this waterfall and just loved the green trees around the waterfall and creek.  Do you see those steps?! They are amazing.  Perfectly crafted by the wood beams.  

These pictures really eased my mind for a Monday morning post!

Tomorrow is Bubbly Tuesday!!! Don't forget to click here for details.  Make sure you link up!!

The winner of The Pink Ruffle giveaway was Ashley Trujillo from Illuminated Heart!! Congrats Ash!


amber lynn said...

great photos!! looks like an amazing spot :)

Alyx said...

Those steps are crazy! Love them so much - this place looks absolutely amazing.

Gina said...

Those stairs are amazing

Hilliary Meisner said...

These are beautiful pictures! Hope you had a great weekend!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! Those steps look a little steep...and intimidating haha

Ps. totally went to Charlotte Russe to look for those boots and they were sold out! so bummed :/

navy and orange said...

love those stairs!

xoxo navy & orange

Kate said...

Ahh those stairs!! i love them!
I hate that macs don't have a lot of memory space. I have to get an external hard drive for my music.
thanks for the comment (:


Unknown said...

so, so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, looks like a beautiful hike! xox

henning love said...

wow beautiful photos!! i love the clean and crispness of being in the forest. ok i know that sounds weird but i love it. and congrats ashley, lucky you!

Jamie said...

Great pictures! Can you imagine having to clim those steps everyday ;)

Anonymous said...

grats to the winner! such pretty pictures

Miss Amy said...

Holy steps!!! I want to run them for exercise! :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

so beautiful! the stairs are really cool looking- like outdoor art or something.

... said...

Canada looks beautiful! Those stairs are so freaking cool. Glad you figured out the problem with your comp! :)

Kristy said...

LOOOVE these photos!!!! Beautiful!!

his little lady said...

those windy wood stairs are just so fabulous! adore! beautiful images, as always!
xo TJ

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