Monday, September 19, 2011

marathon Monday....

Happy Monday my friends!! 
So Ashley and I had a blast over at the vintage market on Saturday.  I had the chance to meet some fabulous blog friends and enjoyed everyones fabulous merchandise they were selling.  The market was such a success I have decided to have a treat for you all.  BUT you will have to wait until Thursday to see what it is :) 

So marathon Monday is here! I had a big run last night and I am feeling great about it.  I have been struggling this past week, running outside is NOT the same as the gym.  NOPE not at all.  My legs are hurting!! On top my sore legs, I was wondering why I have been feeling so weak lately.... not sure what is going on.  I had a great conversation with my cousin last night after my run and we have come to the conclusion I am not eating enough to keep up with all the energy I am exerting. 

I need help from you all.  I had SUCH great comments last Monday I loved it.  I downloaded all the songs you suggested and I have purchased a belt :) So my question for you this week is;  what do you eat while training?? I have trouble in this area but I know I need to keep up my energy.  I am not the best cook ever but I do cook weekly I just need some ideas.  This is where you come in.  Give me your besr dinner/lunch/breakfast recipes!


Thank you Thank you Thank you ahead of time!!!

Also remember tomorrow is Bubbly Tuesday!! What are you doing to make your Tuesday bubbly? Don't forget to link up and share with everyone :)


Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Now that the weather is cooling off a little bit more around here, i'm thinking of getting back into running. I miss it.

I'm glad you had a great run last night! I wish I could help you with what you should eat during training, but i have a horrible diet, even when I run so, Lol I don't think that would help much!

I'm cheering you on!! =D

Kate said...

You are so right, it isn't the same at all!! I don't like running, i don't mind running at the gym but, outside it just kills my body and is hard on my body more. I can't give you many suggestions because i'm kind of in the same boat as you. I always get weak after a workout, so i'll be watching for other suggestions!

In our sea of love

Kristen Thornburg said...

Went running for the first time in a little while yesterday... felt so great!! i've missed it much!! just been too busy!!!
as far as meals go.... anything vegan --- you'll the most energy you've ever had in your life, and no crash!!!! :) promise!

Ashley said...

I love that the weather in MD is starting to cool down... it's making me a little more motivated to get my booty back into running shape! Glad to hear you're training well with some new music!

I'm a carbaholic after running/during any kind of training. Pasta is my downfall, but it gives me lots of energy! Also, try some high-calorie snack bars like Luna bars... and of course fruits and veggies! :)

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Hmmm I not the healthiest eater so I'm not sure there! Working on changing that of course :) But awesome! That is sweet you are into running! I try but just get bored. Ha. But I am trying P90X and I think that is funner for me! Glad I found your blog! Good luck with the recipes and running :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Best thing you can do is eat a banana before training/going for a run. It provides the right amount of energy to tide you over until you have a proper meal post-exercise. Afterwards I recommend a good hearty omelette (2 or 3 eggs) with toast. ;)

amber lynn said...

I don't really change up my diet that much when I am running. I do try to eat some sort of carb before a long run though to build up some energy. I try to get in the habit of not eating too late, nothing past like 7ish. Have you ever tried running gels on your long runs? Those make a big difference for me!

Miss Amy said...

I do eat healthy, all the time. Gallbladder surgery has been a forced healthy diet for me! :) However, it's imperative that you get protein immediately post-run. I"m talking, a protein shake. Not food. Food takes hours to be totally absorbed. Liquid is absorbed much quicker. I personally have Muscle Milk (only 1 scoop, not 2). This was recommended by my ultra-marathoner friends as well as body-builder friends. Of course, you'll need to eat too, but just get some liquid protein in there first! :) Good for you for running outside, doesn't it feel great!?

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I always eat jelly beans when I run! I remember reading about it somewhere once and thinking ;urgh, how weird is that?!' but it actually works really well!
Ps - love the new header!

Khadija said...

The gluten free people are going to have a heart attack, but pasta is the best way to fuel the night before a long day of running. And I don't mean pasta like spaghetti and meatballs every night, there are lots of creative ways to eat pasta so you don't get sick of it before your big race. I recommend the food recipe site if you ever need ideas :) And when you're running you really want to keep it to easily digestible foods so you don't start cramping up, worst way to end a race, trust me :P

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