Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bubbly Tuesday!

Happy Bubbly Tuesday!! It is here again.  
I LOVE sunflowers! I am actually obsessed with them.  As you read in Fridays post, sunshine yellow is my favorite color so naturally I think the color of sunflowers is beautiful! I am taking the time today to stop and smell the "flowers". 


What are you doing today to make your Tuesday Bubbly?? Summer has ended, fall is approaching, and sometimes when the sun is not out every day it is harder to say positive.  Make sure you keep doing things for yourself today.  Whether it is reading a book, buying flowers for yourself, taking a nap...anything!! Just be BUBBLY!!!

Link up below,  I am dying to see what you have for me!!


Veronica said...

these pictures are beautifull!!

stephanie said...

beautiful pictures! and I love sunflowers- so happy :)

alicia said...

loving these images :)

Anonymous said...

Mentioned you in my post today. ;)



Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so inspiring :):) That's why I keep reading your blog. Keep it up pretty lady.


Ashley said...

Love these photos! The sunflowers are fabulous and you are adorable!!

Sherrel said...

Stunning flowers and photos! I decided to stay positive and hone in on my domestic skills by baking more.

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Some beautiful photos there! I love sunflowers too - shame you don't see them that much anymore :(

An Enchanted Evening said...

sooo pretty! I adore those flowers. Hope you are having a great week! <3