Wednesday, June 15, 2011

leavin on a jet plane...

Today is the day, peace out Arizona.....

Hello Canada!

(This is Jack. He is 5 years old and so full of life.  I cant wait to see him!)

 I am on my way up to see my family and friends for the next month....
A whole month, hum, million dollar question, what do I bring?!?
I was up all night packing, and unpacking, and then packing again! Going to Canada in June/July can be a little tricky. Am I going to get my wish of perfect sunshine weather, where all I would need is a swimsuit and tank tops? orrrr will the rain take over and I will be stuck inside with sweats and mittens on?

So what did I do? Yepp packed everything! 
2 bags...not so bad! 
Packing rule #1, always roll your clothes to make them fit more compressed. 
Packing rule #2, always have your carry on be light.  Try and put most of your belongings in your actual suitcase!
Packing rule #3, make sure your travel outfit is comfy and you shoes can be removed easily! Nothing is more annoying that going through security trying to take everything off so you don't beep through security

ok enough for now, next post will be from Canada!

LETS GO CANUCKS! game 7 tonight, lets see what we can do :)


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Amanda Cary said...

I remember one trip when I learned these very same tips from the best! But it was you who ended up packing my suitcase! haha

sarahb said...

Life is so random - I found a comment you left on a friend's page who is from ks (where I call home), and you're from Arizona, but now you are in BC, which is where I currently live. I know that's not extraordinary, but it seems so random. Sad thing the Canucks didn't win, eh? :(