Friday, February 22, 2013

it's a fiesta!

Who is making it to happy hour tonight? Well, if you do enjoy one for me. I have a super exciting engagement session today in downtown phx and I cant wait!!! Happy Weekend loves!!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Phx snow blizzard 2013

Ok so it is a little hard to tell from this photo since this was taken earlier int he day BUT yes yesterday Phoenix Arizona was covered in snow! It started around 1:00pm when I took this photo and as the day continued Scottsdale and Phoenix were covered in a layer of white fluffy snow! I was not able to get out and take photos... traffic was just outrageous! I know everyone is like, "oh wow, snow we have all seen it before!" NOT the case in phx!! Next week will be the start of March and spring training.... temps should be hitting 80 degrees not having snow fall. Either way it was an amazing day! Love you all and Happy Thursday, back tomorrow!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

a little snow melt with childhood memories

hear warmers: F21, sweater: Divas Boutique, gives: gift, watch: MK, heart bracelet: Tiffany's & co., cross bracelet: Derng

I got to spend this past weekend up in Canada with my family.... it was just awesome! A very close family friend turned 60 on Saturday so all the kids were home and it was one great family reunion!  There just seems to be something special about your childhood friends that no matter how long you go without seeing them it feels just as it was when you were 6 years old running through the house  and tackling each other.  Friends are the family we choose and in the case of this weekend I could not have asked to spend my time with any other "family"!! I also got the opportunity to take some beautiful photos, the snow was melting in the beautiful sunlight and the images came out breathtaking! Back at it for another week, hope everyones Monday is just fabulous!!


Friday, February 15, 2013

polka dot umbrella

tights & umbrella: Target, jacket: Nordstrom, scarf: Gap

Happy Friday love bugs! Another week has come and gone and I am excited that this is now my second blog post in 2 days!! Yippy I am getting back on track. Thank you to all the sweet emails/text/ tweets from you awesome ladies, I am ok just been super busy but hope to be back now. In honor of the crazy weather that has been circulating the US I thought I would mix it up and sport this awesome polka dot umbrella ella ella... eh eh eh!! It was raining in phx but I didnt want that to dull my "sparkle" (as Tiara on the Bachelor would say... haha!!!) so I brought out the bright tights, nails and paired it with black staples and I was ready to go. I think bright colors on cold days can warm anyone up! Happy Weekend, see you all back here on Monday. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy day of love

jeans: Paige Denim, top: F21, shoes: Target
It comes once a year, the cutest holiday we all have whether you are single or in a relationship Valentine's Day is full of heats, candies, chocolates, and stuffed animals! Oh yea, flowers too right? A Day to show the special people in your life just how special they are. I know many out there who think its a Hallmark holiday (which it is!) and are annoyed by all the lovey dove mush that goes on. I can see that point, but I love Valentines Day not because all of the stuff I could do for my man but because of the special ladies in my life. The Happy Valentines texts starting first thing in the morning, the delicious chocolate that is exchanged often time with large amounts of wine, and in general being able to tell my friends how thankful I am for them! I hope everyone has an amazing day of love!! xxooxxoo