Wednesday, November 28, 2012

life according to my iPhone

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The Arizona cotton fields have been amazing!
Phoenix Suns vs. Miami Heat game!
 one of my bff's had a birthday at the W

amazing family session you can see more HERE!

party bus for birthdays day before Thanksgiving!

please meet Frank!

ASU vs. UofA ... go sundevils!

working on my new campaign that will launch in one week!

training for the half marathon in January!

leopard anything is rocking right now!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I like my money where I can see it, In my closet!

jeans: Paige, sweater: Nordstrom, scarf: H&M, hat:Target, watch:MK, bracelet: Tiffany's

Happy Tuesday and Happy last week of November! Wow, how time is flying by, see ya later 2012 and welcome 2013! Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend, black Friday, small business Saturday, and to all my online store owners our favorite cyber Monday! I will be living off roman noodles for the rest of the year due to all my spending that occurred this weekend...woops! I have been watching a lot of Sex and the City lately while editing my clients photos and I guess I took Carrie Bradshaw's advice seriously when she says "I like to have my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet!" Done and Done! So what kind of deals did you all get this weekend? Share, Share!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012



I used to get gel manicures all the time, and absolutely loved them. I have very weak nails that are always splitting or I am biting them off so I thought gel manicures would do the trick to save them. And for the most part they did! Then I realized I could be doing a whole bunch more with that 60 dollars a month so I made the decision to stop getting gel manicures and start DIY -ing my nails. Thats when I turned to butter! Yes a little pricy at $14 a bottle but let. me. tell. you..... totally worth it! I paint my nails every few days to keep them fresh and no chips which is fun because I always get to change up the color! Nordstrom is now presenting butter's holiday collection (as seen above) so if you are looking for fun colors to spruce up your holiday attire I highly recommend purchasing a fab color :) Now don't mind me, I am off to paint my nails!

Monday, November 19, 2012

a little over cast and cozy sweater

jacket: Lululemon, leggings: Target, shirt: Nordstrom 

The other morning I woke up and went for my early run and to my surprise it overcast and a little chilly! I have been waiting for the weather to get cooler for a few weeks now, so I bet you can only imagine my excitement. As soon as I got home I just curled up in my cozy leggings and this fabulous jacket. I bought this jacket from Lululemon in July...yes JULY and I have been waiting to wear it since. It is a fun jacket that can be worn a few different ways (as seen above) which makes it perfect for lounging or getting creative with your outfits. How many of you ladies love lulu? It has quickly become one of my fav store not only for workout but any sort of comfy attire!! I am still waiting for the weather to drop a little cooler so I can sport this jacket everyday :) Happy Monday and happy short week of work. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

the touch, the feel.....

pants: TJ MAXX, vest & shirt: F21, boots: Charlotte Russe, watch:MK
OF COTTON! I am hanging in a cotton field this weekend ya'll!! Happy Friday love bugs, I am suuuper excited for 2 things 1. my childhood BFF from Canada is coming today to spend a whole week with me! and 2. I get to photograph these beautiful cotton fields all weekend!!  Living in Arizona there are the five C's of the state. Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus, and Climate. Now these date way back when so I am not too sure on how they play a part in Arizona's atmosphere but I do know 1. Copper mills were big back in the day and the pollution from the copper creates the most beautiful sunsets, Cattle - lots of cattle farms around? There are definitely Cotton fields everywhere which other than having soft clothes it is a photographers dream, and Climate.... Its always hotter than H E double hockey sticks in this state! I got a little excited with the editing on these photos, since it was for me and not a client. It's nice to take a break every once in a while and just let a creative mind take over. Happy Weekend, see you all Monday!!


whatcha been up too?

  Sorry I have been a little MIA from blog land these past few days, I have been crazy busy with editing of fall family photos is has been a challenge to keep up! I can't complain since business has been awesome, so instead of spending more time away from you loveys I wanted to share with you :) 

This first session is one of my favorites! Chantal and Ryan have been friends of mine for a few years so photographing their 2nd year anniversary photos was a pleasure! They are by far one of the cutest couples, and I must give Ryan props... either he is a pro from all the sessions he has done in the past or he is just natural in front of the camera! I am pretty sure Chantal has trained him well, and he has learned how to work the camera right by her side!

The second session I wanted to share was this beautiful family below! I met Gordon and Brittney when I did Brittney's maternity photos this past April! Then we did some new born photos in May and now of course a family session for those fabulous Christmas cards! Baby Ella has grown so much and is just the bestest little baby to photograph. Natural born model I tell ya!

If you live in Arizona send me an email to book now :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

work hard

I have been doing the all week. I apologize for lack in postings, promise I will pull it together for you tomorrow. Maybe show you all some work I have been up to lately.  Until then, Happy Wednesday, Happy Pinning, and Happy Photographing :)
Friday, November 9, 2012

daily lunch

I finally did a recipe post! Working from home during the day I have been making wonderful lunches and dinner I just always forget to take pictures of it all! What blogger forgets to take pictures? I know, but recently me!  I have been making this lunch almost daily this week so I had to post it. A yummy, healthy lunch that fills me right up. 

what you'll need:
* whole wheat tortilla
* cucumber
* celery 
* baby tomato's
* feta cheese
* lemon cilantro hummus (from fresh & easy!)

I chop up the celery, cucumber, and tomatos and mix together. Add a bit of feta cheese (im not a huge cheese person so I just add a little) and mix all together. Then spread the hummus on one side of tortilla and add verggie mix. Roll up like a wrap and you are done! Super easy, super quick and very tasty!

Happy Weekend loves, see you Monday!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

sequined teepee

shoes: Target, skirt: Express, sweater & necklaces: F21, ring c/o social experiment, blouse: Nordstrom

The first time I wore this skirt out, a man approached me and asked if I was wearing a sequined teepee? My response, No! I am a fashion blogger! Clearly men do NOT understand fashion because I am wearing a skirt not a teepee. DUH! Ok now that is off my chest I am wearing a fun new lip color (I have bought 3 since my lets talk lips post last week!) I was sad because you can't really see it in these photos but it's orange! I never thought I would wear orange on my lips but I am absolutely in. love. It is Revlon Butter Color - tuti fruti! Highly suggest if you are looking for a new bold lip! I enjoyed doing an outfit post for you on this Thursday, I have a surprise post that I almost never do tomorrow so make sure you come back.