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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!!!

I need to be entertained at all times.  It doesnt have to be much but I still need to be entertained. I work at a desk, with all cool sites blocked on my computer, which means I turn to my phone.  As I usually respond to emails, blog as much as I can, facebook stalk, and well of course pin on pinterest! Today,  I was struggling extra hard to be engaged in my work.  After a 3 day weekend the last thing I wanted to do was actually focus.  While my usual browsing on pinterest was occupying my time,  I began to CRACK UP at the pins today!! I mean I always find funny sayings and pictures, but today it went to a whole new level.  SO it was easy for my link up today with The Vintage Apple for  oh, how pinteresting!

seriously laughing out loud to myself in my desk at work! Hope you do too!



Lyndsay said...

They are all so great! I love the one with the statistic on marriage...hysterical!! :)

jillconyers said...

Hilarious pins. I would laugh everytime I looked at my refrigerator if it said walk away fatty.

Thanks for starting my day with a laugh :)

Leah @ Leahmariev said...

OMG I just about DIED on the rack city text pin... so funny!!

Kristina said...

Pretty funny! I love the marriage pin.

Trish said...

oh so many funny pins here: the fridge, the marriage stat and the cat with the crocs. Thanks for the AM laugh!

Trish @ Tales from ...

Cheryl E. said...

Hahahah that iphone text his HILARIOUS!!! And I totally need that one my fridge and pantry. My thing is chips so I almost need my pantry to be sealed.


Eliza Jane said...

What's their link? I can't find them on pinterest, and I want to put a couple of them onto Facebook because they're brilliant!! xx

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Hahaha these all cracked me up!
I was trying to pick a favorite as I read them but I just kept changing because I like them all!

xo :)

Kiki and Lala said...

Hahaha love these xo

Life With Lauren said...

Great pins! Love the fridge & marriage pins.

Alyx said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously - i'm literally laughing out loud right now.
I LOVE the cat one with the crocs. And the t-rex one... and the centimeters one.
I also fully plan on being "that parent." You know, the curfew one.

Thanks for the laugh, darlin'!

SimplyHeather said...

I think I would walk away crying if I saw that on my fridge lol. Definitely keep me going for my goal weight though!! I love the cat in crocs! I went through a Croc phase in High School and I looked ridiculous. I don't know why I did that to myself!! Great pins ((: especially the iphone text!! Have a happy Wednesday <33


Carlie said...

bahahaha! those are hilarious!

Heather said...

That site is addicting like no other! Those are hilarious!!


Beverly said...

"Walk away FATTY"... classic! But for reals... may need to post that on my fridge and cabinets!! :)

Melu103 said...

i very much needed this!
lol thanks for posting this
it made me laugh big time!

happy hump day hun!


smk053078 said...

I can't stop smiling after reading all of these. The first two are the best. Having a crappy day at work and these helped!! So, thanks, my friend!!

Marissa said...

OMG! My parents locked me out once after curfew!! I fell asleep on the front porch. Love all of these! And the one with Adele & Taylor Swift... hilarious!

Stay beautiful!
xoxo Marissa

Shutterbug said...

LOL! i like the curfew one!

Cori H. said...

These are so funny! Love it!

A FANCY DAY said...

This was awesome thank you!

Terri said...

HA! Oh my gosh, I havent laughed that hard all day! Thanks!


Sarah E. said...

That philosoraptor one is freakin' hilarious!