Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bubbly Tuesday!


Happy Bubbly Tuesday!!!

two things I have been currently obsessing about: my new THEIT bag and the color teal! Ok lets break this down, 1.  THEIT! or as I like to refer to it as THE IT bag! duh! It has changed my life.  When going on my photo shoots, meeting clients, or just wanting to have my camera with me used to be such a hassle. I would either have two bags, my purse and my camera bag, or I would be shoving my phone, keys, wallet into my camera bag dropping everything left, right, and center.  OR I would be trying to smuggle my camera into my purse freaking out ever 5 minutes not wanting it to get scratched! Problem solved!! THEIT allowed to to travel with camera and purse in one, with no scratches, no freak outs, and no dropping of phones! 2. TEAL! It has been my favorite color of the season.  Teal fingernails, teal bracelets (pictures above), teal pants, teal cars (best picture of a teal car in SF,  cant wait to show you), teal sandals (also pictures above), teal paint! I love it so much I even made a teal creation board on pinterest HERE!! feel free to follow me! I have just been obsessing and cant seem to get enough.  So tell me, what color has you going crazy over?


stephanie said...

you are adorable! and I LOVE the bag!!

Sarah said...

love that outfit!! and THEIT bag :) so cute!

Courtney B said...

I have been searching for the perfect camera purse... can't wait to check this out!
You are gorrrrgeous :)

Melu103 said...

i seriously love this bag
i have entered so many giveaways
to try to win it :) no luck yet
but i will not stop trying ..
anyways i need to get the camera
first lol ...

you look gorgeous!


Katelyn said...

I know this is really boring, but I LOVEEEE wearing the color gray. Because I'm a redhead and my skin is SO fair, a lot of colors are hard for me to work with. But gray is always doable and looks good. Haha.

I love that blazer you're wearing though! Where did you get it?


- Katelyn

henning love said...

great choice in bag selection, now we are bag twinsies!! love your outfit. cant wait to hear how SF was. hope you had a great time!!

Beth Dunn said...

You look so cute! Love the bag

Alyx said...

I love the outfit AND the bag. You are so adorable!

SkinnyMeg said...

Love the bag and I super heart adore teal!

ashlyn | nicole said...

& teal is a great color, obsessed too!!

love you

Hilliary Meisner said...

Fabulous bag! Teal is a great color, I am really into pink, red and orange right now (new thing for me, I am usually a neutral type of girl)! I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can bust out bright colors!

Annie said...

Love the pale pink blazer with the teal sandals - such a pretty color combo! And your bag is amazing - every time I see a post about one I'm that much closer to getting one :)

The Other Side of Gray

Veronica said...

love this!!!

Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

I love these colors together, great photos!


Tina said...

im dying for a THEIT bag!!! i love it!! and teal is such a cute color :)

grlcreative.com.mx said...

i love ur blog darling!:D
im followin now:)))
thnx a lot for ur kind comment!!!<3
ps: free to follow me if u want:D







Lindsay Rondo said...

a real zeal green is my fav. and i love your theit bag! i want one badly!

jas said...

such a cute spring look!


Lauren said...

Love that bag! I had never even heard of it until Meg won one at the San Diego blogger meetup!

Unknown said...

love the bubble! too cute.

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous! i love the blazer.


Megan said...

I love your outfit! It's gorgeous.

Carlie said...

I love your outfit! The teal sandals and baby pink jacket=perfect combo!
And that bag sounds like a dream! I should definitely look into getting that for my next purse!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Such a cute outfit!! love that purse!

kylie said...

i need one of those bags. sigh.
your bubble gum theme is really dang cute.
i LOVE bubble gum. yummy yum.

Gentri said...

You look SO SO pretty!! LOVE this outfit!

Lauren | Just a Pinch said...

That bag is super cute! Made me look into getting one :) And I love your outfit--so pretty!

joy said...

Your outfit is so pretty, I love the teal and the pink blazer! Also, your bag is gorgeous :D now following.

... said...

you look gorgeous friend! :) Love that jacket....want it! :) Camera bags are the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Great look! I love the blazer and the necklace! :)

I'll follow you, your blog is so nice!
xx, Susann
Fashion in Pepperland

Lindsay @ Lovely Life Styling said...

Love that bubble gum pink blazer! I want THEIT bag!! :)

Emma said...

I love this look - especially that blazer! So gorge. Pastels are definately my favourite spring trend :)
Emma xx

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