About Me

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog, I'm Stesha Jordan Puckett.

Married to my best friend Stephen, step - mama to our wonderful 7 year old daughter Sofia, and have 2 pup pups Levi + Coors.  We all recently moved to the Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada where we are building our little dream farm house on 10 acres of hay fields.

When I started blogging back in 2011 my blog was more of a style diary for the everyday girl. As life changes naturally so has my blog. I am still focusing on style and beauty but also lots of travel, family life, and the build of our new home.

 In the last 6 years while I have been building my blog I have also been chasing my dream of being a wedding photographer. I have worked long and hard hours to make that dream come true, you can see more of my photography: Stesha Jordan Photography.

Life is still busy just in a different way. We are so excited to adjust to our small town country lifestyle and build the next chapter in our lives.

Thanks for following as we grow!

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