Friday, January 11, 2019

what's in my hospital bag

Packing the hospital bag has been something I have been thinking about for a few weeks now. Once I hit 30 weeks I decided it was time to starting doing my research and seeing what was actually needed and what maybe I could do without. I did a poll on instastories, I read a bunch of blog posts, read my books, and talked with a doula. Then of course I looked at myself and decided what were MY must haves. All of these items are in the bag right now and the bag was just placed in my car today. There are a few essential items that I use on a daily basis that I will grab or have someone bring me if I am not home when I got into labor. Things like make-up bag, hairbrush, and daily water bottle... after all I still need to function before the magical day arrives!

We all know life can't go on without electronics, especially in a situation that needs to be documented like the birth of a child. 
1. camera: make sure it is charged and a memory card (empty!) is inside it. Also, bring the charger!
2. extension cord: I assume the outlets are not next to the bed and it will bother me if I have to get up (maybe I won't be able too!) to check my phone/ communicate with family while at the hospital. 
3. bluetooth speaker: I asked Stephen to make me a playlist of all Eric Church songs for when we are in labor. I love his music and I can sing along to almost any song. I figured it was a great way to occupy my mind.
4. cords: phone charger, camera charger, bluetooth charger...have all cords!
5. plug-ins: I am not sure the hospital will be all USB plus ins so make sure you have the plug in portions as well.

I packed a little bag of toiletries for essentials if I am in the hospital for a short amount of time. 
1. scrunchie, hairties, and hair clip
2. q-tips
3. dry shampoo (if want to freshen up that sweaty hair!)
4. face lotion
5. mint chap stick (most recommended item!)
6. mom + dads tooth brushes, tooth paste
7. make up wipes
8. pads (I know the hospital will give me some but just incase!)

Another huge recommendation were to bring snacks. The cafes/coffee shops might not be open when we go into labor. I know myself, I will want to have snacks available if possible! I packed a few healthier snack bags just to have incase I need a bit of a pick me up for energy. I also have some milkful lactation bars to eat once baby has been born to help with milk supply! These are just my snacks, Stephen is such a junk food junky so scroll to the bottom to see what I did for his snacks. 

I tried to not over do it for what items I will want but I also dont want to be surprised or unprepared. I actually packed another bag that is sitting in my room  incase something happens and we end up being in the hospital longer than expected. It has more clothes, but for the labor and delivery portion I feel this is all I need!
1. nursing bra + nursing tank: these will obviously be for after the baby is born and hopefully after I showered lol
2. night gown: for either during labor or the next day
3. socks: another highly recommended item. I am not sure how I feel about them because I feel uncomfortable when my feet are hot but the hospital could be cold. 
4. flip flops: all the hospital rooms have private showers/baths. I will want flip flops for that!
5. robe: for after delivery!
6. going home outfit: I packed my Memi Collective romper (as seen in this post) to go home in, It is loose, able to nurse with it, and apparently I will be wearing a diaper home so comfort is key! Or if I end up in a c-section it won't push on the incision. 

We cant forget about Dad in the hospital bag, after all he's not getting a free pass!
1. swim shorts: again we have private bathrooms with showers and tubs, I may be able to be naked but I am not sure the nurses will take it well if Stephen is naked. I have heard that warm water and the shower feel amazing and many times the husband is there rubbing your back/hips
2. sleep pants and a t-shirt: each room has a bed for dad so naturally he'll want to be comfy during the night as well!
3. flip flops: again for the shower/bathroom

We cant forget about who we are all here for! Baby girl obviously needs some items as well. 
1. swaddle: to wrap her in and obviously for photo reasons :)
2. headbands: need I explain more?
3. going home outfit: a going home sleeper and since its February in Canada we need a warm cozy suit to go home in!

This little hand massager was one of the first things I threw into my bag. When we took our prenatal class our doula showed us this hand massager and said how amazing it is during labor. She massaged my back with it and I was sold instantly. Stephen will use it at night to rub my back but we always make sure it goes directly back in the bag each night. This was only $7.99 at winners.

The last two key items that are in the bag are:
1. birth plan: Stephen and I have both talked in detail about how ideally we would like the brith of our daughter to go. In saying this, we both fully understand that nothing may go according to plan and we are okay with that as well. This is just a rough draft of how we would like things to go once we hit the hospital and once baby girl is born. It may 100% turn out this way or is may not go even close. At least we are prepared!
2. looneys: a big suggestion were snacks and/or money for vending machines. I am picker over what snacks I have where Stephen lives for vending machines and soda. I picked up 10 dollars worth of looneys to keep in the bag in case he needs a pick-me-up!

I also packed another "hospital" bag that is at home in our bedroom. It has other essential items that I may need if I am in the hospital for longer than expect or if something unexpected happens during labor and delivery. In that bag I have, 2 changes of clothes for myself, another outfit for Stephen, my travel hair tools (dryer, straightener, curler), additional nursing bars + underwear, a bath towel (apparent some of you all think this is key!) and a blanket. I didn't want to feel like I was moving in when arriving with contractions 4 minutes apart but I also wouldn't want to try and explain to a family member or friend what items I would actually want if I am stuck in the hospital for a few days. So packing another bag made it easy for someone to come and grab it if need be!

Is there anything you think I am forgetting? If you have any suggestions list them below I am always open to more suggestion! I will try and get another bumpdate up for you before baby girl arrives, maybe next week. And I am also currently working on the transition of the closet we redid for the girls since they will be sharing now. Stay tuned for that next week. Happy weekend everyone! xo 


Mrs. L said...

Love the hand massager. And the pink onesie is so cute! Wishing you a safe delivery!

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You look pretty much prepared but you are likely to forget something

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