Monday, October 1, 2018

life on the go

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I can't believe it is well into September already! Seriously, do the years get shorter or is life just so busy time is flying by? Must be the second one. Life lately has been a zoo around here! School has started, Sofia is loving her grade 3 class and of course she got the teacher she wanted (yayyy!). Ballet has started up again, this year she is in primary which means she will be taking classical ballet exams in the Spring AND Stephen is playing softball 2 times a week which Sofia just has to go to!  Not to mention we are half way through the pregnancy and my work is on over load. Geez, I get tired just hearing it all! haha. However months like September and into October are some of my favorites even though they are the busiest because come December when the snow hits we tend to hibernate as a family. 

One aspect to being busy that stresses me out is making sure my family has the right nutrients and healthy foods to eat! If you have been watching on Instastories I have recently been making homemade pear and apple sauce to have on hand for the winter. We grew our garden all summer long which is now coming to an end, and as seen a few posts back we have been hitting up lots of orchards for fresh fruit. Busy life doesn't have to mean fast food, you can still eat healthy even when its quick. 

Sofia is a HUGE mac n cheese lover. The kid would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner if I gave her the option! Now thanks to Annie's new and improved Macaroni & Cheese recipe I don't have a problem with her eating it. With being 80% organic and made with real cheese and real milk ingredients my mom guilt has gone when it comes to cooking up a quick batch before she heads out the door to ballet class. It only takes 8 - 10 minutes to cook which gives me plenty of time to get her hair in a ballet bun AND for her to still do her favorite part of pouring in the cheese!

Life on the go takes a lot out of someone, but knowing my family is still eating healthy helps take some of that stress away. As a busy mom I am looking for all the hacks I can, because if I think I am busy now come February life is totally going to change again! I am going to enjoy these next few months as the leaves continue to change and the sun shines through the clouds. I even sang the left over Macaroni, if there is ever any left!


Mrs. L said...

Busy gorgeous supermom! That looks yummy! Love your kitchen :)

The Flower Duet

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