Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fall Bucket List

Everyone, it is October! Can we believe that?! Fall has been around for the last couple of week like a mentioned before but it TRULY feels like Fall and so many Fall activities going on. We have been having some gorgeous days (although we are embracing ourselves because rain is in the forecast) with golden glows of sun and walks around the property. I have officially stated that Fall is by far my new favorite season here in BC, the colors, the outfits, and the crisp air gives me all the good feels. 

Speaking of outfits, I am so happy to get able to start layering cozy cardigans and flannels! I keep adding more to my online shopping carts and then get frustrated when I g to pick out an outfit and the cardigan I had in mind is not in my closet it is in my cart... anyone else do that?! I also love these new mauve distressed denim pants I received from the Pink Blush maternity line. They are a great muted color for Fall and I cannot wait to pair them with many more sweaters. PLUS, a big bonus that none of my other pants have... front pockets! Yes, these maternity pants have real front pockets which I love. 

With all this gorgeous weather we have been having I decided to put together a fun Fall Bucket List for the family to complete. We have really been trying to take advantage of quality time for the three of us before baby arrives this winter. Although we do have a few months, Fall and into Winter seem to be the busiest time of year. If we blink, it will pass us by in a second and this is time we won't get bak as a family of three. So I put together a list of fun activities for us to accomplish in the next month and we are totally looking forward to it!

It hasn't been too difficult, so far we have accomplished most of these activities. Pumpkin anything is a must, our front porch decor will be making an appearing in the next week, I have been making and freezing homemade apple pie fillings from the HUGE box of apples we picked at the orchard, and we have been to the pumpkin patch more times than we can count. A few we still need to do weather permitting if; have picnic outside, play in a pile of leaves, and carve our pumpkins! What is your favorite Fall activity to do with the family?

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