Wednesday, March 14, 2018

kids Easter basket for under $15

I am back today with another Easter post for you! Thank you for all the sweet compliments on our matching maxi dresses from Monday's post. They are definitely one of our favorite matching combos we have! Today's Easter post is one that I always search on Pinterest for, and each year I try and do something a little different for Sofia as her Easter basket. Like I mentioned Monday, Easter is totally my favorite holiday BUT that doesn't mean you have to overspend! Today I am showing you how I created Sofia's Easter basket for just over $10! Yep, that is right I think everything comes to about $11 + tax and we are about $15 max. 

what is inside:

1. Bernstein Bear's Real Easter Eggs book ($4.99): I collected the Bernstein Bears books when I was  younger, I think I had about 20 or so. We dug them out of storage this past summer and now Sofia enjoys collecting them. We have been adding to the collection all year, a few books here and there. Her reading level is higher than this series but we love the books and I feel they give great lessons. 

2. 4 little garden pots ($1.25) + kids gardening gloves ($1.50): We are currently growing a little garden in the house, well actually basement right now. Our plan is to have a major garden this year at the new house since we have so much space outside. Sofia has really taken a liking to the gardening process and breaks out her little finger mittens and purse full of "gardening" tools. I found these little pots and gloves at the dollar store and thought they would be PERFECT for Easter. 

3. Notepad ($1.25): Sofia absolutely loves writing notes, I get a note almost daily on my pillow. She is always writing them to her friends or her ballet teacher, you name it! When I came across this little 'hello beautiful day' note pad I snagged it!

4. no crease hair ties ($1): I have a few of these hair ties for my hair on my night stand for bed time and Sof is always eyeing them. I may even find mine missing here and there and I know just the place to look for them. She will now have her own!

5. straws ($1): what kid doesn't love straws?! I used to buy the cute paper ones, you know those Pinterest picture perfect ones?! Ya, kids hate those lol they fall apart in their drink so this year she gets good old fashioned plastic straws which she loves!

6. Chocolate Bunny ($1): Easter isn't Easter without some sort of chocolate right?! The funny thing is, this will probably be the one thing she won't touch! haha!

7. basket (.98): Last year she got a cute wicker basket, the year before it was a pale like this one. As much as I love the cute wicker basket usually she gives it back to me to 'store' away. These pale baskets are so cute (and cheap!) and she will use it outside for all her rock collections, golf balls, and whatever else she wants to collect. 

I am such a firm believer in getting kids consumables rather than toys they play with once and then never look at again. Sofia is such a hands on child that buying her activities she can do (like the gardening pieces) are a better fit! This basket was simple and easy and the best part is her teeth will stay in tact! 


Jen said...

Such a cute basket idea!! I need to start working on my daughters.

ljshelton said...

All such great ideas for kids Easter baskets! Loving all the things you choose to include. And all of your photos are so pretty! Thanks for sharing.

xo, lydia

Cathy said...

This basket is so cute! The gardening items are a great idea over candy!!


Laura B @ Walking in Memphis in High Heels said...

I love that there is gardening items! I love this idea over the regular choices of candy or treats!

Jenn The Body Type Stylist said...

Your ideas are perfect for little girls! I have a 5 year old little girl and she would love these!

Anna E. Fox said...

I miss the days of getting an Easter basket, ha! These look adorable!

Amanda Kruse said...

So cute! This year I put some clothes, a book, and a ball in my son's Easter basket.

Tanvi from said...

That looks like a super cute basket. We don't celebrate Easter so have no idea what all goes behind it. Loved the pictures :)


Jessica J said...

These baskets are adorable! Love the different elements and how affordable they are.
xo Jessica

Stephanie | The Espresso Edition said...

My mom would have absolutely loved doing an Easter basket like this for me when I was a little girl. To this day she still gets me Easter treats and makes me hunt for them at her house (and I'm a few months away from my wedding day). I guess those fun surprises never truly get old! I'll have to keep this idea in mind for the future and my own family one day. Thank you for sharing. It's so creative and cute!

Sew Sarah R said...

This basket idea is too cute! I cant wait until my son is actually old enough to get some of these cute items in his basket!

Vanessa Gordon said...

My daughter loves paper straws as well and I know she would love that chocolate bunny. -Vanessa

Lizzie said...

What a cute idea! I should make one for my niece!