Thursday, October 15, 2015

Topgolf #firsttimersclub

Who likes to golf? Better yet, who likes to golf with friends while eating + sipping on their favorite drink (wine for me please!)? If the answers are yes, let me just tell you about Topgolf + their first timers club promotion event they have going on! 

Topgolf is a premier golf complex located in over 10 states around the US (we have 2 here in Arizona!) and 1 complex opened a few months ago right near my home! I was so excited! It is a fun local hangout where you and a group of friends or family can go hangout, hit some golfballs, eat + drink your favorite foods while lounging in comfy couches or sitting at beautiful high top tables!

*spoiler alert! I may have a cute outfit but hitting golfballs is not my strong suit!*

Here's the good news, if you are not a pro golfer, even if you have never golfed a time in your life, Topgolf doesn't care! As being part of the #firsttimersclub you will know Topgolf is not really all about golf.  Stephen and I planned a couples date night one Saturday, date nights are always fun for us because the weekends are when we are child free! Thankfully everyone was able to attend and we had a great night having the men teach us how to golf! 

We ordered so much food, seriously the food menu is amazing! The picture above is these delicious s'more cookie sandwiches. I mean heaven in my mouth. Not sure how many calories are in each of these but it is probably better that I dont' know! 

If you + a group of friends are wanting a couples date night or even a group of friends want to get together Topgolf is the place to go! And if its your first time, make sure you check out Topgolf's First Timers Club Promotion! You can also look up the closest locations in all states. 

**Thank you again to Topgolf for sponsoring this post + the wonderful couples date night. All opinions are my own.