Wednesday, October 14, 2015

stripes of all kinds

so I bought this skirt back in July! yes, July! and to be honest I had no idea how to wear it. it was a creative fail for so long. one day as I was scrolling through instagram I cam across the all so fabulous Blaire (as seen here!) and she was wearing a smilier skirt and I became obsessed with her outfit. now I didn't want to copy her and after all it was now October not July so I looked through my closet and thought... ah ha! my all time favorite fall color... burgundy! I put it all together, pranced around the house a little and then decided I loved the look. It became that weekends date night outfit! 

you can shop the exact + similar look below:


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I would never think of putting together an outfit like this.... which is why I love Pinterest. You look amazing!

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

So cute! I love those shoes!

Fizz and Frosting

The Petite Diaries said...

One can never have too many stripes! The more the better :)
xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

Unknown said...

I would have never in a million years thought to pair those colors together, but they look SO chic on you! Thanks for sharing! Love the aesthetic of the blog.