Thursday, June 19, 2014

summer skin protection

As much as we all wish we had natural Brazilian skin reality is most of us do not. We all love tan lines with that bronze natural glow but there needs to be a skin safe way to get it. I have naturally very fair skin so SPF is super important for my daily summer face routine. Do you remember this post here about the amazing skincare line Enza? Well I am still loving them and I am loving their face SPF even more!! I apply it after my regular morning routine before my make-up to get that perfect protection all day long. If for some reason I miss a little section or the rest of my body happens to get a little burnt Enza has Nutri-Gel similar to aloe but full of vitamins and nutrients to sooth your skin. 

From now until June 30th Enza has both the SPF & the Nutri-Gel on sale for $15 each! That is 50% off, and they are being so generous to even offer another 25% off the already reduced price to all C&B readers!!! That brings each item down to $11.25 each!!! Use code SUMMERCLASSIC at check out!

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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ooooh sounds like awesome products!