Tuesday, April 1, 2014

life according to my iPhone

I had the chance to visit the Mill City Museum last month & I am almost certain I found any photographers heaven. 

Easter is just 20 days away + it just so happens to be my favorite Holiday!

My mom came to visit a couple weeks ago + we spent the majority of our time at Vintage 95 wine bar. 

I moved out of the condo I have spent the last 4 years in. Time for a new chapter in life!

Arizona has the pretties sunset's I have ever seen. 

This little babe is the best. Who knew playing in a crib could be so wonderful!

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Our Appetizer said...

Your pictures are awesome, I can't believe they were taken with an iPhone. Nothing better than spending time at wine bars, I'm a sucker for good wine.

henning love said...

oh 20 days to eat all the yummy easter candy i can get my hands on because that is what easter is all about right?? ;-) and congrats on a new chapter in your life! miss you friend

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE the Mill City Museum! And next time you're in the Twin Cities you must tell me so we can meet up!

Kate Costello said...

Hope you enjoyed the Twin Cities while you were here!! I love the Mill City area...it is one of the most used spots for twin cities photographers =)