Tuesday, December 10, 2013

get creative, use Pinterest

It has been no secret that I have been trying to be creative with my wardrobe! I am not on a spending freeze or anything, but I have been putting more effort into using what I already own in my closet instead of running out & purchasing more. Don't get me wrong I still run to the mall or hitting that "add to cart" option online just not as much as I used too. 

Getting creative is not always easy so I turn to all of our favorite site... Pinterest for some help! I find one item I want to build my outfit around then I search on Pinterest for inspiration to help me finish it off. Take a look at last weeks inspiration....

I love my green skirt & I really wanted to find a way to transition it to fall. It was the first real "cold" morning in AZ so I knew tights could totally be an option!  When I found the image on the right + I used it as my inspiration to bring my emerald skirt from spring to fall!

The black skirt I am wearing is actually a dress, I wanted to use it in a different way than just a plan LBD look. When I came across the inspiration on the right I ran to my closet to make sure I had a stripped skirt & then I dug through to find my army jacket. I think the look came together just perfectly!

Many times I am always on the go! I don't always have time to always look dressy or perfectly put together. I found the image on the right again while scrolling through Pinterest one morning while still snuggled in bed. While in the shower I was thinking hard of what to wear that day when the outfit just came to me....similar yet I added the touches of red for a little brightness to my day. 

How do you find creativity for your outfits?


Unknown said...

Don't get me wrong. I love Pinterest , but I get fashion inspiration from a lot of sources. I seem to have this insane memory geared toward fashion. That's why I blog.

Love your outfit!!!


Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

I love turning to pinterest for inspiration! Now if I could only remember to actually use all of those lovely pins I've collected more often!!

Nina Piccini said...

I literally do this all the time, I find it so fun and kind of zen to curate outfits this way

xo, Nina

Ladies in Navy said...

wow these are lovely!
ladies in navy

Ashley said...

Loving all of these looks! I love going to Pinterest and getting inspirations with outfits!

Sincerely Miss Ash

Simply Sabrina said...

I absolutely love finding outfit inspiration on Pinterest! You did a great job with these looks!

x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

Jeans and a Teacup said...

I love pinterest for outfit inspiration. Whenever I get stuck I turn to it! How did I get dressed before Pinterest?! haha.... You did a great job with the green skirt outfit recreation!
Jeans and a Teacup

Unknown said...

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