Tuesday, May 14, 2013

learning to accessorize with style

shoes: Charlotte Russe // jeans: American Eagle // top: Classic & Bubbly // purse c/o YesWalker.com // necklace c/o Sophistifunk Shop

Wow,  I am so thankful + overwhelmed by the love I received yesterday. You guys seriously rock, I knew I loved you so much! I have been glued to my computer downing coffee after coffee (jk I don't like coffee it makes me really sick) so I was drinking green tea lemonades sweetened venti size from Starbucks which does just the trick for me. Yesterday was amazing, I could not have asked for a better response, it makes me feel like I am not out of my mind + this shop might just actually be something! 

So I am always struggling in accessorizing my outfits.  I wear the same shoes same purse so I never really photograph them because honestly they are not that great. When I was asked to collaborate with YesWalker.com I was suuuper excited to see what kind of accessories they had.  I found this AH-MAZING purse + knew I had to have. Now some of you are either thinking I love that, but most are prob like... well interesting taste Stesh. I dont care, I love it! Look at the fab color blocking going on. Perfection if you ask me! If you would like to purchase your very own you can HERE or just head over to YesWalker.com + see some other eye catching styles!

Does the top look familiar?! For all of you that stalked my shop yesterday you will notice it is a Classic & Bubbly THE SHOP piece ! I wanted to show you this top in "real life" because many emails were asking how low it went in the back & can you still wear a bra. Well now you see. I feel this shirt is super flattering + I honestly can not get enough. annnnd yes I have a strapless bra in case you were wondering! REMEMBER get 25% off + free shipping all week using code: OPENWEEK25 - that makes this only $28!!

Thats all for today, hope everyone has a Bubbly Tuesday + I will see you tomorrow!!

ps My prediction is Danielle Bradbery will win the voice!! 


Katie said...

i love your top! so bright and pretty! and congrats on your shop! that is SOOO exciting!

Ladies in Navy said...

you're clearly awesome at accessorizing! i am terrible at it! :)
kw, ladies in navy giveaway on the blog!

Unknown said...


Hope you're well. Just found your site and your shop. Super cute stuff. If you ever want to work with another blogger to promote your shop let me know. I love supporting small and independently owned shops.


p.s. you about me takes you to the photobucket image page and not to an actual section about you - maybe fix that link?

Lauren said...

you look so fabulous! and I do love that top!

Because of Jackie said...

Stop it! Now you are making me wish I had picked out THAT bag instead of the one I did. Loveeeee it!

Jacquelyn @justjacq said...

I LOVE that purse! It's such a great size and adds instant fun to any outfit!

bestrong said...

lovely outfit, dear :)
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Ashley said...

I love putting outfits together, but accessorizing takes me some time. I really like this necklace..and a big congrats on your shop!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I only very recently started getting more interested in changing up my shoes. And I use the same purse EVERY DAY. I may switch to a clutch sometimes but mostly my changing accessories are jewelry and pretty things for my hair!

Unknown said...

It's my top! lol I'm so nervous to wear such an open back top but I can't wait to get it :)


Unknown said...

Love your outfit today. I think the key to accessorizing is having lots of basic pieces in your closet. I've spent the last few years collecting some fabulous basic purses. Love them. I will have them forever. It definitely helps me when I'm trying to accessorize and plan an outfit.



Because Shanna Said So said...

Stop....just stop being so dang gorg!!! This top is freaking KILLER! So sexy and fun!!! And yay for the bag....I am digging it too...digging the whole look!! LOVE YOU!!!

Unknown said...

Love that statement necklace!