Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I told you I would

shoes: Nike // pants: champion // shirt: Lululemon // hat: ASU bookstore // water bottle: F21

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend... now time to get back to work! I actually spent my whole day yesterday working my little butt off, you all ordered up a storm this weekend!! I am going to have to really get shopping for new merchandise for ya'll. 

Last week I threatened that I may be doing an outfit post in work-out clothes..... I bet you didn't think I'd actually do it did ya?! Well my friends I have been in gym clothes for the past two weeks + getting dressed just wasn't going to happen these past couple of days. So you are thinking cool she goes to the gym + stays like that all day. Uhhh not the case at. all.  I am just too lazy to do anything with my appearance so this is my go to. When I am out running errands I get asked, oh how was your work out? or On the way to the gym? yeahhhh suuuure. 

On another note, who's watching the Bachelorette? 1st.  I love Des, she is adorable, 2nd. These men are outrageous! Come on dudes, really? 3rd. I love Ben, I hope he is actually genuine! 4th. The guy with the fantasy suite, are you a joke?!?! 5th. Hash tag boy.... #youreadork #trytoohard #bye! This season is going to be an addicting season for sure. 

That's all for me today,  I'm off in my gym clothes! Happy Tuesday beauties!


bestrong said...

awesome gym clothes !
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Ashley said...

That's a cute gym outfit! I seriously need to invest in some better workout clothes. I always end up wearing an old dance recital tshirt :/

And yes! this season is going to be a good one!

Because of Jackie said...

You are the cutest thing I have ever seen, LOVE the workout clothes! I am in mine at least 3 days a week almost all day as well:) P.S. So happy for your success!

Ladies in Navy said...

love the workout attire and love the bachelorette already! don't know about how i feel about des though but ben has been so cute already!
kw, ladies in navy

Lauren said...

so CUTE! I just got an email yesterday from Dillard's that has polka dot NIKE workout gear! It's absolutely adorable and I think I must buy some of it!

Unknown said...

Love your post today and that's awesome that you have so many orders!!!! Great workout outfit!!!

Don't forget to link up to my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up. Hope to see you there.



Head to Toe Chic said...

your gym outfit is too cute!! love it!


Amy Breckenridge said...

awesome gym outfit! i wish i looked that toned in mine :) and yes i am obsessed with the bachelorette already...some of these guys are nuts!

Jen said...

Love your gym clothes, I need to get some new ones.

henning love said...

hey miss i give you TONS of credit for running in that AZ heat! i was dying and i wasn't even running. i am sad we didn't get to meet up but i hope you had a great time at your grad party! how's the shop?? thanks for adding your thoughts on the bachelorette and i am ready to hashtag that guy out of the episode, #heisgone, #heisannoyingwithalwayshashtagging

Kasey Lynne said...

You are so cute!! So glad that I found your blog through our bachelorette link up!

I am SO excited that the bachelorette is back. I LOVED Des last season, and am so excited to see how this new season unfolds. I'm little disappointed with the guys though. I only have a few favorites..the rest are all dummies.

Thanks for linking up with Meg and I! Looking forward to your post next week.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm watching The Bachelorette RIGHT NOW. I can't wait to see what happens!

Unknown said...

Your 'gym clothes' are so simple but still cute. Love the drink bottle too!

Unknown said...

Your 'gym clothes' are so simple but still cute. Love the drink bottle too!

Unknown said...

Love this! I totally do the same thing! Cute workout clothes though!!



Tea&Sequins said...

Thanks so much for checking out my blog last week! I've been a big fan of your blog for awhile now, and I was so excited to see a comment from you! I love that you did a post with workout clothes even if you weren't working out haha. And I definitely need to hop on the Bachelorette bandwagon.

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Because Shanna Said So said...

Shut up....I mean really, Stesha???? Can you be any cuter in this post...don't you lie...you look too dang good to not be working on your gun show!!