Thursday, February 21, 2013

Phx snow blizzard 2013

Ok so it is a little hard to tell from this photo since this was taken earlier int he day BUT yes yesterday Phoenix Arizona was covered in snow! It started around 1:00pm when I took this photo and as the day continued Scottsdale and Phoenix were covered in a layer of white fluffy snow! I was not able to get out and take photos... traffic was just outrageous! I know everyone is like, "oh wow, snow we have all seen it before!" NOT the case in phx!! Next week will be the start of March and spring training.... temps should be hitting 80 degrees not having snow fall. Either way it was an amazing day! Love you all and Happy Thursday, back tomorrow!!



Jen said...

Weather all over the country has been so crazy! We got snow flurries here in El Paso last night.

Faith said...

gorgeous photo!

i agree with Jen above. the weather has been crazy everywhere! maybe this global warning thing is something ;)

Nicole Cushing said...

What a pretty picture! I'm from az and remember when it snowed in 96', it's so funny how many text I got from friends yesterday telling me its snowing.



Anonymous said...

I saw that on the news this morning and COULD NOT believe it!!! That is crazy. I hope you are enjoying it! xoo

Why Girls Are Weird said...

This snow does not make me any more excited for the snow we're supposed to get in WI tomorrow. Is it spring yet??

Unknown said...

That is so crazy! I can just imagine the traffic in that situation seeing as though most people out there have never driven in it. Love the picture!!