Tuesday, June 26, 2012

rain dance

jeans: American Eagle, shirt & blazer: Forever21, boots: Hunters, lipstick: MAC chatterbox

Typically the reason for doing rain dances is in hopes rain will come.  My reason for doing a rain dance is to make the rain go away! Being up in Canada for the summer I was sooo excited for getting out of the 110 Arizona heat, however 3 weeks of rain is getting a little out of hand.  Let's be honest,  I was really looking forward to a summer of beach, bbq's, and tanning - not rain boots and puddles! I have not given up hope just yet! In the mean time,  I am choosing to embrace my hunters, rain clouds, umbrellas, and bright colors.  I mean after all I rather stay bright and rainy then dark and gloomy, dont ya agree? 


Alana Christine said...

Hope it stops raining soon so you can enjoy the beach! lol. In the mean time, keep rockin those boots!

Faith said...

who said you could be so cute?!

loving your outfit!

and i agree ... i'll take bright and rainy over dark and gloomy anyday!

Amanda said...

At least you look fabulous in the rain :) I hope the rain goes away for you soon, so you can enjoy some sun, grilling, and BBQs!

Elma said...

Love your top! Great combo with the wellies! :) x

Leah said...

Where in Canada are you staying that it's raining so much!? Come to Toronto, it's beautiful. Though I do love the red hunters on you.

Petchie said...

so pretty! love your boots and shirt!!


Always Maylee said...

I'm in love. Your red polka dot shirt and your red hunters are just too cute to handle!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Because Shanna Said So said...

Rats!!! I hope it stops raining soon! But, you look so adorable in those Hunters...I must say, I would definitely take some rain over this 106 degree weather I am having. I think I am about to die! Phone tag...you're it! ;)
Love you!

Athena said...

I love your shirt!


Mal said...

Love the matching shirt and boots- adorable!

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Kat said...

Love your outfit and your pictures! Looking forward to more! -Kat


Raquel said...

What a cute outfit!

A Silver Snapshot said...

Hahaha, oh B.C., so unpredictable. This outfit is uber cute and inspiring (especially the red rainboots). Definitely pinning it!

Silver from A Silver Snapshot

Devon said...

Way to make the most of a rainy day! You look darling!

christine donee said...

I keep wanting to buy rain boots.

But alas.

It never rains here.

Sam said...

Your hunter rain boots are so cute with that polka dot top!! I get so excited on rainy days because I get to wear my rain boots. Hey, whatever it takes to make it a good day, right? :)

Jenny Holiday & Aaron said...

Super Duper Cute!! :) You are a total ray of sunshine on a rainy day!

Thanks so very much for the lovely words you left on my blog. Happy you liked our hand painted wallpaper tutorial! :)

Love from the NJ Shore,
xo Jenny Holiday

jessica said...

polka dots and red boots. obsessed!

Jay said...

My dad is a farmer in SK and he's wishing the rain would stop as well!

When I get back I'm ordering some red Hunters for my new life in rainy Norway - how do they fit? Big? Small? Normal?

nest + venture said...

you are ADORABLE! love this sweet outfit. & way to stay positive & see the silver lining in your current weather--you get to wear those amazing rain boots, after all. ;) I also love those photos you did in the post below this one. That girl is absolutely gorgeous! thanks for visiting my blog! xo.

Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

love this outfit. i like how you mixed a cute minni mouse-like top with RED rain boots. Red looks great with your skin and hair colour.

Great blog and photos!
Now following. Keep in touch.

Cheers, Jacquie

Megan said...

I am loving your outfit! Absolutely adorable!

I also despise it when I'm expecting summer and it just rains all the time! It's depressing

Danie said...

Wow Im in love with your boots!! Super cute!!


Lindsay said...

I'm really loving your blog. So glad I found you through Friday Fancies! I love this whole look. And your photos are amazing.