Wednesday, June 20, 2012

protect against sun

Yesterday was the summer solstice, which means the sun is shinning away daily (or should be anyway) on our bikini bods! Love summer time, everything about it! Sun, beaches, bbq's, friends, birthdays all so wonderful.  One thing I do not like about summer is that dreaded sunburn I get every year.  Growing up I was sunburned all the time,  I am albino people, I burn after being in the sun for 10 minutes.  As I get older I take more of an active approach to NOT getting sunburnt anymore. I do not want to look like a wrinkly old leather bag at the age of 35.  So what do I do to prevent this? I am sharing with you some of my beauty must haves for getting that golden sun kissed glow without sun damage. 

For those I NEED A TAN TONIGHT freak out moments I know you all have, I use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. This stuff works miracles! All you do is spray generously in your hand and rub it on the part of your body you want to be tan.  Legs, arms, neck, face, anything! It give you a natural glow of glitter all night. It does not rub off and is water resistant! Try it Try it!!

When I have time to build my tan, whether it is just for a little bit of color or wanting to build a tan of an event in a week or two I use Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Lotion.  I really like the foam lotion because it seems to be easier to get full coverage.  It does have a little bit of a smell so I will usually put the lotion of at night and then shower the next morning. That way I do not smell at work.  If you do not mind the smell then no need to shower in the AM

I also use Neutrogena Micro Mist Airbrush tanner.  This one can at times look a little orange if you are not careful.  I have also found it can be streaky on the legs, so i generally just use it on my neck and arms. It takes about 4 hours to have the color start to show, but will give a great golden glow!

Finally,  I know we all can't avoid the sunshine at all times.  I mean when I am at the beach I am not going to be hiding under the tree I want the warmth of the sun.  That is why I turn to my beloved PCA Skin Active Sunscreen! I will not use any other sunscreen! It protect my sensitive like nothing else I have used! Highly recommend my friends!!!!

Those are my go to summer essentials for golden sun kissed skin!


Alana Christine said...

Thanks for the tips! I use the Jergens but haven't tried the foam, I'll have to get on that! I also have some aerosol spray, but at times it comes out splotchy/streaks. Any tips?

two birds said...

i just saw that jergens makes a self tanner that also has spf in it! i might need to try that. i have never tried sally hansens, but it's good to know that it doesn't rub off! said...

great products and tips dear :)

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Sarah said...

I swear by Jergens bronzers!!! Happy Thursday!

Malu Keizer-Swartjes said...

Great post!
Discover my Stylish Confessions! ♥

Discover my Stylish Confessions! ♥

Unknown said...

Hello! First time visitor to your blog - I found you via Adele at Into The Blonde. Love that Sally Hansen stuff!

Emma xo

Anna Elder said...

I've been using the new Jergen's self-tan and protect. It's the gradual self-tan lotion with spf 20 in it. I'm loving it!

Mileide Almeida said...

very nice!! =))

Cortney said...

Oh! I so needed to read this. I am in crazy need of a tan!

Megan said...

I have quite the dilemma! I am pale as heck and can't get in the sun because I fry. And I have tried fake tans and some of these creams and sprays. For some reason, I always break out.

I guess I'm screwed. hahah