Thursday, June 14, 2012

coastin it to Portland!

Waking up on Monday morning,  I knew we had to be up and out of Sacramento bright and early! If it took us 13 hours to do a drive that map quest said would be 6 1/2,  I could only imagine how long it would take to do a drive where estimated arrival time was 10 1/2! 4:45 AM we were up and out of Kelsey and Bryan's house and on a road that would take us north up to Redding, CA. From Redding we would then cut across to the coast! Here is what we traveled through.....

I HAD to take a picture of this!! The county was called YOLO!!! I guess you only live once!

The drive up to Redding was beautiful farm land.  It was also starting to rain so the clouds were extra artistic. 

Northern California and Oregon = RAIN!!!!

Here is a beautiful lake we came across while driving through the Trinity forest

I felt again like I was driving through a cloud

Finally the rain had let up and the sun was shinning bright as can be.  This only lasted an hour or two.

I was freaking out in the car, wanting to pull over because I could see from the side of the road there was a great big cliff with a beautiful body of water at the bottom.  It was an amazing national forest with hiking trails and camp sites.  I think Nick planned our vacation here next year!

We drove the California 299 to the coast!

anddddd we see it!! The Ocean!

The trees were starting to look rather large as we headed into the Red Woods

Random towns.  All very random. 

Here it is, Welcome to Oregon!

At this point it was around 3pm, we has been in the car almost 12 hours, Nick looked at me and said, do you want to drive up the coast or cut through the Red Woods? My reaction.... how long is each? 7 1/2 to do the coast and 6 to do the Red Wood Forest.  Hummmm, well since my but was numb and the thought of any longer possible sitting in my car, I chose Red Woods.  Nick was ok with that decision.... heres the kicker..... it was raining so hard through the Red Woods,  I didn't take one picture :( I didn't even notice until I was putting all my photos on my computer.  ooopies!

On a happy note we made it to Portland!!!

We spent the night with a good friend of mine, Krystal.  We arrive at about 8:30 or 9pm, went up to her adorable studio apartment in downtown portland, check and headed to dinner.  Portland was a very unique city with lots of culture!!

The next day we woke up and since it was only a 5 1/2 hour drive to Vancouver, we decided to reach around the city a little.  We headed down to Pioneer Place (its an amazing indoor/outdoor mall)

Krystal is a nanny for little Levi.  She came and met us for lunch!

The weirdest thing about Portland, is one minute is pouring the next it is sunny.  How do I know when to wear my hunters?? Instead I wore my lace TOMS! haha!

Portland is full of these awesome food carts.  A little like NYC, however it seemed to be mostly Asian type foods.  I passed but Nick was in heaven!

We took off from Portland around 2pm and started to head up to Vancouver BC!! Below is a picture of us leaving Portland on a bridge!

Thank you Portland,  you are one unique city!!! Until next time!!

I hope you all are enjoying reliving my fabulous road trip.  Tomorrow is the last day, once we make it to BC! 


Unknown said...

Beautiful photos :D
Yolo hahah :D

Faith said...

Thanks for finding my blog, it led me to yours :)

Love your pictures, what great views during a road trip.

And I giggled when I saw the county's name. Too funny!

Ana Carneiro said...

oh, I've been browsing your archiver of this journey and may I just say how enviable it is? I always wanted to go on a road trip like that!
My Own Project

Joil said...

Beautiful photos and outfit!

Katie said...

so beautiful! love the pic of you in the side mirror - too cute!

Sarah with a Bow said...

Well, you wandered around my own back yard, that's for sure. (: Welcome to my state and city. There are tons of awesome things you probably didn't get to see, so you'll have to come back!