Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jarred Allen Charity Golf Event!

Last weekend I had the honor to photograph Jarred Allen's annual Night-Ops charity golf event.  Jarred has a non-profit organization; HOMES FOR WOUNDED WARRIORS, which is an organization dedicated to building homes and helping the men and women who come home from deployment.  The foundation is unreal and I suggest all of you check it out! Each year as one of the major events the foundation puts on is the annual golf event! This is unlike any other golf event I have ever attended.  Take a look at my experience...

The foundation is current in the process of building a home for Josh! Thank you Josh for serving our country and all that you have done!
The National Anthem was sung by country music singer, James Otto!

Take a look at the longest slip-n-slide I have ever seen!
Jarred. Johnny Knoxville, and Wee Man!

The Three Amigos!
Reading messages and thank you notes from the military!
Mr.  Larry Fitzgerald himself, thanking the military!
After the photos, slip-n-slides, and dinner the golfing began.  Tee off was at 7:00pm.  Two teams per hole with 18 holes! The foundation did a wonderful job of putting lights on the course, having glow in the dark balls, and music to keep everyone is excited and pumped up!
At each hole, military men and women were present to keep the golfers in check.  If it was a bad hit, or the ball did travel far enough the golfers were down doing push-up's, jumping jacks, you name it!!

It was truly a great experience. Not only was I able to learn a lot with my photography (I know all of you are wondering, my external flash worked like a charm, phew!) but also to see in action a wonderful foundation.  Until next year!! 



Unknown said...

That looks like a blast ! What a fun time. And that slip n slide looks so fun. I am thinking that I will need to find myself one to slide on soon !

Shannon Marie said...

This looks like such a fun and fruitful event. You did a great job taking photos! :)

Laura said...

That looks like so. much. fun. I want on that slip and slide!!

Cortney said...

This is so awesome and so much more positive than my post about golf today haha! Love it!!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

What an awesome event. Looks like a lot of fun. I would be on the slip and slide right now!! xx

CALLIE said...

O my goodness!! Your pictures are perfection. And this charity is fantastic!! Go girl!

henning love said...

wow what an awesome event stesha!! where is the photo of mr. james otto signing? i love that a military member was present at each shot and if it was a bad hit push-ups were involved! so military, love it

Sarah said...

The pictures are wonderful, but I love the entire idea! My husband is in the military and is also an strong golfer, so this sounds right up his avenue. I think I might suggest something like this for his department.