Monday, August 29, 2011

half marathon


I went though a huge transition in my life about a year ago which caused me to develop severe anxiety attacks.  It was finally becoming fall in Arizona and so I thought I would start running to relieve the anxiety I was experiencing.  I would run outside along Tempe town lake, I thought it was more therapeutic than running inside a crammed "bro" filled gym. In April I ran the Pat Tillman run in Tempe which was 4.2 miles.  It was an amazing experience.  It was the first time in a long time I had done something just for myself.  Not for anyone else, just me.  I didn't care what my time was I just ran the best I could. 

I have continued to run since then.  Every other day or so I head to the gym (yes i am at the gym,  as much as I would like to run outside not possible in 115 heat!) and run a few miles.  2 weeks ago I received a call from my cousin saying she is running a half marathon in October..... my response... IM IN! So hear goes,  October 9th, 2011 I will be running my first half marathon in Kelowna, British Columbia! I am beyond excited! 

I have been training for two weeks now.  Running 4 times a week, adding some cross- training, intervals, and of course distance. It has been a challenge for me but my body feels amazing.  I mean I burn about 700 calories each distant run... I can eat anything I want!! yesssss!

So hear are my new shoes I purchased this weekend.  Brooks.  Awesome. 




Each Monday I will give you an update on how my training week went.  The race is a Sunday so you better stay tuned on Monday the 10th of October for the final update :)

If anyone has suggestion for me I am wide open to them!!

Happy Monday loves.  Remember tomorrow is Bubbly Tuesday....think about what will make your tuesday bubbly and link up!! I am dying to see what everyone is up too!!


lori said...

thats awesome! good luck on your half marathon... and i love the new kicks :)

gail5011 said...

I am so very, very proud of you Stesh!!

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Yay! That is so exciting - well done! I haven't ever run anything close to that distance, but hope to one day.
Can't wait to hear all about your training and achievements! :D

christinerojas said...

Woah, awesome goal!! good luck to you :)

Ashley said...

Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by today- I'm so glad you did! I've got a feeling I'm going to love reading your blog. Good luck with your first half marathon! I'm actually running a 10K in Baltimore this October and I'm currently attempting to train for it. Haha! Can't wait to read more :)

Sarah said...

Good for you for running! I try all the time to get into but it never sticks!

I like those new shoes...I am in the market for some new kicks...those are super cute!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Good for you! How exciting!! :)

Megan said...

I really wish that I enjoyed running! I have tried, I just hate it!! I'm so glad that you are loving it, though!! Hooray for running!

Ashley Slater said...

awesome! I was going to run a half in October but I have not been able to train for it....stupid lupus sickness! boo. Love your brooks, I can't wear brooks, I have to wear asics...I overpronate when I run and they generally have a lot of support for me. Mizuno's are good too, but when I had those I got really bad shin splints. It is crazy what the RIGHT pair of shoes can do to help. I know people who have switched shoes and pr'd the first time running in them!

I can't wait to hear about your training! *i saw you on the cisnero's blog and popped over by the way!

AND, I am also (shamelessly) plugging a giveaway on my blog. But it is for a really cool vintage t-shirt (winner gets to choose their design from the website) so I don't feel too guilty about it ;) The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

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ashlyn | nicole said...

thats amazing girl! i ran my first marathon this past march. it was the greatest experience {even tho very painful, bc i didn't train like i should & got a stress fracture after}. i hope your training goes well & i can't wait to read up on it!!!!!

if i had any advice it would be to stick with your training. even if you can only run for 10 minutes one day, & it's not a day off -- RUN!!! you don't want to get in a slump in not run. also, when you run the rain bring energy goo! they were my life saver! & when you run the race -- don't just drink water, drink the gatorade too, because you will need the energy!

& my running shoe were mizunos. LOVE THEM. & i love brooks too. perfect running shoe!

if you have any questions let me know!!! :] so proud of you for doing this!!!

Katie said...

I've loved reading your blog girlfriend! I found you through Ashlyn's blog today. I'm a runner too and Brooks are by far my fav running shoes! I found purple/aqua Brooks on Zappos earlier this year and had to have them. They've turned out to be the BEST running shoe for me!

Just wanted to say hi :) xoxo