Friday, January 20, 2017

give me more pink!

pink cardigan c/o // jeans (under $100!) //  tank // bag // sandals  // cuff c/o // choker (under $20!)

Hello! Here we are again, Friday! BUT today is a different Friday because I am SO SO EXCITED for the weekend to be here. We are leaving on our honeymoon this weekend and I can hardly wait! 9 months to the day after we eloped we are finally taking our trip. You can follow along on Instagram to see where we are headed and watch our journey!

Before I leave one last post for you featuring this pink fuzzy cardigan. As you can tell over the last few months pink of winter pink has been a big favorite of mine, and as we get ready for Valentines and the Spring season I plan on keeping it a favorite. 

here are a few other pink cardigans I have my eyes on lately:

I have my favorite pair of distressed jeans on repeat, they are $88 and totally worth the money. As you all know spending big bucks on items is not really my forte, I love clothes but I also have a budget. I tend to wear these jeans more than my to hers because they can be worn with converse and a tee or as todays post shows, heel sandals a blouse and cardigan!

I am making it short and sweet because I have LOT of packing to get done! Happy Weekend, Everyone!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

photofacial series with HFPS

Hello! I am so excited to share the second part of my skincare journey with you today! I posted back in December about my microneedling experience I had with Annie Bruno over at Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery, and today I am going to share my Photofacial experience with you! Now that we are well into the month of January 2017 many of us have set resolutions or goals to reach this year. How about looking younger? Or taking care of your skin?! YES PLEASE! I have learned it is SO important to have good skin care. I am no spring chicken anymore, and that 3 minutes in the sun does do damage. Take a look at my journey of photofacials and how it has changed my life!

Date: October 26th, 2016: no make-up and pre at home skin regiment + pre facial treatments. 

Here is a little description on photofacials and who/what the benefit:
Intensed Pulse Light Treatments (also known as photofacials) are one of the most effective treatments available for sun damage (brown spots), broken blood vessels (capillaries), skin tightening, and evening out the complexion of the skin. Photofacials are most effective when done every 4-6 weeks because of the skin’s natural cell turnover cycle, and every patient is different for the amount of treatments necessary. Depending on how much damage the patient has, how deep the pigment penetrates, and what the patient’s ideal baseline is can alter the treatment pathway.

My first facial was sure interesting! It was quick (maybe 10 minutes total!) Annie sat me down and explained the procedure in detail.  After going over any questions I had she laid me on the chair, covered my face with this gel like substance and went to work. I wore these glasses for eye protection (just like the dentist) and then felt a cold bar against my face. Annie did a patch test first to make sure my skin would react correctly and the voltage wasn't too high. It felt like little quick zaps against my face. Nothing that hurt just startled me each time it went off. I of course jumped like a baby!

There is zero downtime for the treatment. I left feeling a little hot all over (she also treated my chest) but by the time I arrived home I felt fine. I moisturized a little more than usual and my skin felt tight but other than that no side affects. As a few days passed I could see the damaged areas of my face start to get darker and come to the surface. 

Here is a before and two weeks after photo. As you can see in the second photo my skin looks worse! I freaked out for a minute and immediately called Annie. She was excited, saying "thats great progress" which means all the damaged pigment is coming to the surface and will eventually "fall off"! Looks like I had more damage than I originally thought. 

I had my second treatment on November 22nd, almost one month after the first. Nice and quick session and my skin reacted amazing. It wasn't as dry or red after the second treatment. 

Above in a before and 2 weeks after my 2nd photofacial.  In this photo I could really see the results of my skin and the dark spots disappearing especially under my eyes and tops of my cheeks (where the sun hits often!).  My skin looks and feels so much healthier, it is tight, firm, and the overall tone is becoming consistent. I don't have as many dark spots or "redness" that I tend to be insecure about. 

My third and final photofacial was right before Christmas on December 20th, 2016. This last photo was taken again 2 weeks after the treatment so I could show the results after the color pigment had fallen off. I took my mom to my last appointment since she was so interested in seeing how the photofacial treatments worked. After the treatment was finished my mom kept saying, "Annie, it looks like Stesha is wearing make up! Her face is so even!" As you can see, almost ALL of my brown skin kisses have disappeared, my chest is looking so even, no broken capillaries (which reduces redness!) and all over consistent skin tone. 

I can't tell you enough how these photofacials have changes my life. May sound dramatic, really changed my life? But yes! I used to be so self conscious about going make up free but now I almost feel more comfortable with out face make up on. I won't lie I definitely do still get full face ready but not nearly as much as I used too. I do however always make sure to load on the sunscreen. With all this work done to remove my sun kisses, it really only  takes one time with no sunscreen to get them back. I am currently using a PCA tinted sunscreen in SPF 40 that Annie recommended. 

I mentioned in my previous post about microneedling my skin care at home regiment but here it is again. I LOVE all these products, the eye cream is amazing (used it night and day). The Vitamin C + E is so soft and it tingles your problem areas so you really feel it working. Retinal, I use at night but since I have extra sensitive skin I only use about 3 times a week and I mix it with my moisturizer. Finally the Lytera extremely helps with the dark spots, I use it all over but make sure to really target any brown areas I see!

Thank you for following along on my skincare journey! It has been such a treat working with Annie from Dr. Hobgood's practice. If you have any questions at all or want a  complimentary skin care consultation with Annie Bruno, RN please call 480.214.9955. Mention this post during scheduling and receive your first photofacial treatment for 50% off by mentioning this post. Trust be you will be addicted and going back for more!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ivory off the shoulder

jeans (under $100) // sweater c/o // bag c/o // booties (40% off!) // earrings // bracelet 1+2 // 

I am so excited to share this outfit with you today! I am such a sucker for ivory sweaters and this off the shoulder is at the top of my list this season! Anyone else find January a little difficult to dress for? In some states its -50 it others its 72, one day its rainy and cold the other days its sunny and I need my tank tops. The struggle is real! 

I got these booties a couple week ago for 40% off (making them $53) and they are the perfect transition bootie from winer to spring. I have worn them with a dress, today with denim and a sweater, and looking forward to jean shorts + a blouse!  They are so versatile and will be getting lots of use.

Hope everyone is having a great week, come back tomorrow to see my post all about skincare! I posted a selfie on Instagram a couple weeks ago and can't get enough of my even tone!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

how to decorate your master bedroom when renting

Hello + Happy Friday!

I am so excited to share this post with you. I feel like I have been working on our master bedroom for so many months, and yet when I look at it I feel like I have so much more to do. Ever since Stephen and I moved in together I had the urge to 'decorate' our bedroom. When we got married, that urge got greater, I mean come on we NEED a cute master right?!

bed c/o Tuft & Needle // bedding: target // throw c/o Hayneedle // throw pillows: Home Goods //  lamps: Target // bench: Hayneedle // nightstands c/o Hayneedle // mirrored frames: Ross (identical) // be still, my soul // wood frames // apple candle // peony candle // gold tray: Home Goods (similar)  

We are currently renting the house we are in so this by no means is our finish product. The argument and reason the master has  taken so long to be decorated is my husband doesn't see the point to decorate something if its not long term. I guess he doesn't realize furniture can be moved?! However, in some ways I totally agree with him. We will be moving out of this house in May so items like a bed frame, wall decor and a full dresser set will have to wait. Once we purchase our own home those items can be bought to fit the space. Until then, decorating can still happen... keep reading!

Levi, my model dog. He never EVER misses his opportunity to have his photo taken!

I have always wanted my room to be bright and white! Since I do not have control over the walls in this house so I have to use my furniture and bedding to get the look. The dresser I have is a diy (I painted then distressed an old Ikea dresser) and the black mirror (yes, is that mirror not incredible?! It is an old bathroom mirror I had a frame made to fit) will also be painted white and distressed but not until we move because that mirror is hea-vy!

My favorite items and why I love them so much:

Lamps - I have been wanting these lamps for so so long. I am glad I went with the large size it allows for the frames on the inside to fit under the shade perfectly. 

Bench - 'why do we need a bench in the bedroom again?' most asked question by the hubs. Um, BECAUSE its cute! I have a slight obsession with bedroom benches and would have loves a soft pink one however that would be pushing the limits since I am sharing this bedroom with a boy. 

Candles - I love both of these candles scents from Anthropologie. It feels great to snuggle un under the covers reading a book scrolling through Instagram relaxing to the smell of peonies! 

There you have it; how to decorate your master when renting, it can be done! I am excited to keep collecting ideas on Pinterest over the next few months and one day the bedroom will be done, until then this little oasis will be just fine!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

floral maxi

dress c/o Pink Blush // bag c/o Coach // booties // bracelet 1 + 2 c/o Olive + Piper // earrings // lips: liner in 'whirl' and lipstick in 'cream cup' gloss in 'charming'

Good Morning + Happy Humpday! 

I am so excited to share this beautiful navy floral maxi dress with you! When I first discovered Pink Blush Boutique I noticed so many beautiful pregnant women, but guess what? Pink Blush is not just maternity, they have an amazing non maternity women's line as well. I was going through so many dresses and  had a hard time selecting my favorite. When I came across this navy color I immediately fell in love.  How perfect would it be for Valentine's Day date?!

I love this dress for more reasons that just being beautiful. It is so easy to move around in, and having an active life this is so important to me. I have been getting away from clothing that is restrictive or hard to live life in. There is noting worse than a beautiful dress that you can even walk or bend down in. Guess in my old age comfort it taking priority! 

Make sure to head over to Pink Blush and check out their women's line (what I am wearing!) and if you are expecting they have so many wonderful and cute maternity dresses as well!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, stay tuned for Fridays post its all about our Master Bedroom reveal!

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