Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a little white dress

dress c/o American Eagle Outfitters (here) // jacket & shoes: Forever21 // floral crown: hand made by me // lipstick: Dior "Singuliere" (here)

It is no secret that I love wearing sundresses in the summer! They are fun, cute, and super comfy for those warm (ok sweaty) days. When American Eagle Outfitters contacted me about being apart of their  feature Bloggers Do It Better I jumped on it, but when I saw a little white dress was an option I knew it was a match made in collaboration heaven. So I have partners up with Brie (Sophitifunk) and Ashley (SideSmile Style) to bring you some different looks! 

A little white dress is a perfect summer staple of any fashionista! The lace detail on the front, back & sides adds a pretty and feminine feel that can be dressed up or dressed down. The material is thick yet breathable & seems to hug my body just perfectly with out being too tight or too heavy. I decided to dress it down by wearing my oxfords & when the sun starts to set I have my army inspired jacket to wrap around to keep me warm. Then I added my little flower child home made crown just to give me a little wild and free feeling. 

You can see the feature on American Eagles blog HERE - Also Check out how Brie styled her dress HERE and Ashley styled her dress HERE
Monday, July 29, 2013

all black big hat

skirt & tank: Nordstrom // hat & necklace: Forever21 // wedges: Steve Madden // bracelet c/o Style Lately (here) // lipstick: Chatter Box by MAC

Fist: A big thank you to everyone for their warm birthday wishes Friday on my blog, insta, twitter, & Facebook.  Ya'll know how to make a girl feel very special.  I had a great day full of lots of champagne + cupcakes! 27 doesn't seem to be all that bad :)

Second: Did you see I said ya'll up there?! Yes, I have been practicing my Texas drawl because I am off to the Texas Style Council on Thursday. Best part about it, I am staying with my beautiful friend Shanna which means blog friends will become real life friends.... eeek so excited! Is anyone else headed to TSC? If so please let me know!

Third: My mama has been my photog lately, can we give her some applause for todays pics! She has been doing a great job, I am so thankful for her. 

Fourth: I can not seem to take off my Style Lately bracelet. It just goes with everything, ya'll (see I did it again!) should probably purchase one!

That about does it for me today, hope everyone has a fabulous Monday!
Friday, July 26, 2013

seven / twenty-six / nineteen eighty-six

I was born at 3:33pm on July 26th, 1986 making me 27 years old today.  Wow, I remember the day I turned 20 running around telling everyone I was in my "early twenties!" what I would give to go back to being early twenties again. Today marks my entrance into my late twenties, and although getting old is not the most desirable thing in the world it has given me some experience on a few things.  I have listed 27 facts I have learned about life....

+ chocolate ice cream & sprinkles is the best dessert
+ learning the difference between, your & you're
+ how to properly pop a pimple 
+ don't ever judge anyone else's relationships
+ college is the most fun time in your life
+ chipped nail polish is unflattering
+ FRIENDS will always be funny, no matter how many times I watch the episodes
+ taking risks leads to open doors you never knew you could have 
+ falsies mascarra is the best in the industry
+ education is important
+ champagne should be at every birthday party over the age of 21
+ you will fall in love more than once, don't be afraid to not find it again
+ coconut oil can be used for almost anything
+ travel somewhere different every year (even if it's not far)
+ new cell phones come out every 3-6 months, you'll never be able to catch up
+ you should always wear sunscreen, always
+ at some point every girl will dance on tables with her best friends
+ karma does exist, you may not be there to see it come around but it always does
+ black is a slimming color on everyone
+ live your life for you, not for someone else
+ the truth always comes out, better to be honest up front
+ having good friends is essential in ones life
+ if you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life
+ reality TV is garbage, but oh so entertainning
+ things are scarier at night time
+ it is better to be overdressed at any occasion, it shows class
+ be true to yourself, it is the first relationship you form & the most important 
Thursday, July 25, 2013

just tie it around your waist

shorts: Abercromie & Fitch // shirt: Nordstrom // plaid shirt + earrings: Forever21 // shoes: Chuck Taylors // sunnies: Toms

Yesterday my mom & I went up to our local ski hill, Silver Star, to take a little walk around while checking out any excitement. Silver Star is known for their mountain biking & hiking trails in the summer time, while obviously their ski runs in the winter.  The weather has been beautiful & warm the last few weeks which makes me oh so happy. It is like I brought a little piece of Arizona with me up to Canada, although the nights do cool off (thank goodness for the wrap your jacket/long sleeved shirt around the waist! Oh hey Mary-Kate + Ashley from "It Takes Two"). If you get the chance this summer make sure to take a little trip to a local ski hill & do some exploring, it's nice to see what usually is covered in snow look so different!

On another note,  I am over guest posting on Walking in Memphis in High Heels, so pop on over & say hello!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

make your inner spirit feel good

skirt: Express // tank + bracelets: Nordstrom BP // vest: Forever21 // shoes: Old Navy // watch: MK

Do you recognize this skirt? You may have seen it worn this season on the Bachelorette, on one of Des's date nights with Chris. I was super excited when I saw she was sporting it, then I remembered she is just a normal girl like all the rest of us (except she gets 25 men chasing her!) Anywayyyyys, I guess I am sticking with the casual theme these past few weeks, taking pieces you may think should be dressed up but actually look great dressed down.  I am in Vernon (you will want to click the hyperlink, this town has 50k people!) all summer which is great for scenic photos & summer time weather however there is not much to get dressed up for here. And when I mean not much I am actually referring to nothing! I refuse to to wear "comfy clothes" as many people say because I truly do believe if you get up & look good, you will feel good. So casual or fancy make sure you put a fabulous outfit on each day, your inner spirit will thank you!
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

casual is my style!

dress: Classic & Bubbly (here) // shoes + hat: Target (here) (similar) // bandeau: Free People (here)

This mint twisted back cocktail dress is my most favorite item in my store! It was the first item I bought when I started stocking the store + I still can't seem to get enough of it.  You have seen it styled in here when I first launched the grand opening, but I wanted to see what other ways I could wear it.  I received a bunch of emails + comments from people saying they loved the dress but didn't have a fancy place to wear it. Since I am trying to get creative (as mentions in last Friday's post) I was determined to get my mind turning! I was in a rush out the door this morning so I thew on a black bandeau + fedora, looked at the dress hanging in my closet and bam knew just what to do! This has been the perfect outfit all day! So many compliments on it & I am starting to think I love it more causal than I do dressy. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Wish List

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

My 27th, (wow, that is sounding old!) Birthday Wish List is.....

+ Amazing Anthro hair accessories, I am seriously obsessed with beautiful fancy things that go in my hair!
+ I am loooving Maya B Designs, I will take one S please!
+ This is will be the gift to myself, I have been waiting & waiting to purchase the Canon Mark D II
+ A pretty camera smile print for my office
+ Juicer anyone?! ME, ME!! 
+ I love my THEIT camera bag that I have had for a couple years now but I am looking for backpack bag for those shoots that require lots of free arms. 

Remember until the 30th, all add spaces at 40% off using code: birthday40

linked up with Molly & Carley for #fundaymonday!
Friday, July 19, 2013

get creative with your closet

shorts: Target // shirt: Francesca's Boutique // bandeau: Free People // shoes: Steve Madden // watch: MK // lips: Rimmel London

I get asked plenty the same question, "How do you not wear the same outfit twice? You must have a huge closet full of clothes!" As flattered as I am that anyone could think I don't wear the same outfit twice, that is completely not true! For those who know me, know if I find an outfit I love, I will wear it almost daily as if maybe it should be washed once in a while! However I am a fashionista on a budget, I mean of course I would love to be Miss Julia, however my bank account can not afford that caliber  but I will keep reading her blog + fantasize about someday having a clothes as fabulous as hers. Until then, it is all about buying pieces that can be worn different ways, different levels of dressy, and appear as though it is the first time you have worn the item! I only brought one, yes ONE suitcase full of clothes with me to Canada for the summer (ok and one full of shoes too!) + shopping in this town... well that is almost non existent! I am starting to pride myself + also challenge myself for that matter to be as creative as possible with the clothes I have to work with. I tend to sit + stare for hours at my clothes until bam, something pops out at me. 

So, on my budget friendly mission for the summer I want to show you how you can style many pieces different to make them appear new! 

+ See how I styled these leather Target shorts differently HERE & HERE

+ See how I styled this Francesca's crochet top HERE & HERE

It is ok to wear the same item multiple times, it is even better when you get creative + start to style it differently each time. A little brain work for ya! For all those on a spending freeze, actually for all those in general, I challenge you to get creative with the items you already have + see what new fabulous outfits you can come up with! Happy Friday Blogging Beauties, enjoy your weekend!
Thursday, July 18, 2013

dressing it down

dress c/o (here) // shoes: Madden Girl // necklace c/o (here) // bracelet c/o Style Lately (here) is one of my most favorite companies for so many reasons, mostly because everything they sell I am utterly obsessed with and want in my closet! You have seen the shoes & skirt, and now I am excited to show you the perfect summer dress. Floral is a top trend this year, it's feminine, casual but can be dressed up, girly but not too girly, and even has a little hipster vibe! The cut outs in the dress are not exactly what I would call family bbq attire, but bbq with friends (any hot guys you're trying to impress) this dress would be perf. I chose to pair it with the my nude + pink madden girls wedges, and my full moon pendant necklace to add a little something to the chest area. 

On another happy note, the count down is less than 10 days till ma birthday!!! As 27 is not really a special age, anything should be better than 26. As a reminder, 40% off all add spaces this month using code: birthday40