Friday, March 29, 2013

March Style Guide

Happy Friday & Easter Weekend! Today is the last week day of March so we will be wrapping up our C&B Spring Style Guide. I hope you enjoyed all the looks over the last month + were about to update a little of your fashionable wardrobe. Below is a recap of the past month....

Can't have spring without maxi's
Blazers for those hot/cold day into nights
accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
patterns make bold statements

There you have it! I hope I was a little bit of inspiration to you this past month. Spring is now in full swing, so bring on the sunshine & tan lines! Happy Easter weekend!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

making new friends

entire outfit: F21 // shoes: LA fashion district // watch: MK // bracelet c/o Sophistifunk

Yes, entire outfit is from forever 21 & I believe in all it cost me mayyybe $50! Love it! Anyways, it was such a great day here in Arizona. I am not usually a fan of this state & about 80% of the year I wish I lived elsewhere BUT these few weeks have been amazing. The smell of fresh cut grass, sunscreen & chlorine fill the air, plus the sunsets are beautiful! 

I had the best conversation yesterday with my fellow blogging beauty Shanna! Shanna was one of the first friends I met in the blog universe & she has been there for me the whole journey. Everything from insecurities, to blog meltdowns, boy drama + excitement, & of course fashion advice. Many of you bloggers who work from home may relate that working by yourself in your home all day can be awesome (I mean who gets to wear pj's to work daily?) however on the other hand it can take a toll on your emotions. Getting the chance to talk to someone who can relate to how you are feeling in blog land is such a treat. I mean no one gets bloggers like other bloggers! So tell me, who are your blogging bff's? If you are looking for a new one, I connect on many social levels so lets get together.  I am always up for a good conversation! Happy Thursday Dolls


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

what are you thinking?

entire outfit: F21 // flip flops: old navy // bracelet: Nordstrom

 How do you feel about this aztec print maxi I am sporting today? It took me a long time to get into prints & patterns, I was that girl who would walk through the mall or see girls around & be like.... what the heck is she wearing? Is that what you are thinking right now? It's okay if you are, I'm not offended, promise! I just started playing around with multiple patterns (other than floral, which I am obsessed with!) but I didn't want to spend a lot of $$ while getting used to the idea... insert F21! This skirt was $17.50 so if I only wear it once or twice I am okay with that. If you are a fashionista on a budget but want to play with the newest trends totally go to F21, TJ MAXX, or budget friendly boutiques to snag your patterns at a low price. I mean no need to spend excessive amount on something you may wear twice. 

Side note today, who is watching the new season of the voice?! Okkkkay, I am addicted! I was a little concerned since they replaced two judges but Shakira & Usher are rocking it. You are telling me I get to watch Adam, Blake, & Usher for an hour every Monday + Tuesday... does life get much better?! Other than the extremely good looking men, I honestly get touched when the judges hit their button & turn their chairs. The talent on the show is amazing and I tend to even get emotional for the contestants, watching their dreams come true is inspiring. 


truths about me

shoes: F21 // skirt: Elie Tahari // top: Target // purse: TJ MAXX // lips: Revlon Butter in Raspberry Pie

Yesterday my blogging BFF & twin for life tagged me in 5 truths on her fab blog LIBB. I have been talking about fashion & must haves for the past few weeks, that I thought I would take a break & talk about me today. I have many new followers (I am greatly thankful for!!) so maybe its time to share a little about Stesha today. 

+ Stesha is my full name. I get asked this questions almost daily, is Stesha short for anything? I was named after multiple arguments between my parents, my mom was convinced she was having a boy & dad was certain I would be a girl. My dad found Stesha in 2000 names for babies, it is the Russian form of Stephanie and has no other meaning behind it. & nope, neither myself or anyone in my family is Russian. 

+ I do not like melted cheese! gross! However, I am obsessed with quesadillas & pizza... weird right?! I understand this is strange to many people because most people I know love all kinds of cheese but I just think it's gross!

+ My favorite drink is H2O, (well & wine!) Very rarely do I drink anything other than water. I worked at a waterpark for the end of high school & all through college, being outside in the Arizona heat all summer for years I became obsessed with water. I don't drink coffee, juice once in a while but can't remember last time I bought it, soda when I go to Jimmy Johns or Jersey Mikes & other than that H2O all the way. I hate arrowhead, sick it tastes like yucky tap water! My fav, Fry's brand water bottles....literally can chug it within a minute!

+ I love watching Lifetime Movies during the day! Those creepy, scary, murder/teen scandal movies that have awful acting?? Yepp, those are them. I started this obsession last summer when I started working from home. I am a pro at finding them when they are on & I totally get into them, can't stop watching. As a matter of fact, I believe I will watch one today!

+ Blogging has changed my life in so many ways. I used to work at a boring desk job, all day everyday same old same old, & was bored out of my mind. When I started blogging I realized just how much of an impact it can have & I began to see all these bloggers becomes super successful in what they love to do. Reading the comments on my posts daily makes me feel so happy. You all have the sweetest things to say & I love reading each + every one of them. Blogging has open so many doors for me, most importantly it  gave me the push to start my photography business. When people ask what I do, I explain I own Stesha Jordan Photography + I am also a blogger. Their reaction, blogger? (raised eyebrow as if I am crazy) Yepp, blogger & I love it! So thank you to everyone who inspires me to blog everyday & takes a few minutes to read my posts. Love you all!

5 truths about Stesha for you today! Hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the girl behind C&B. Happy Tuesday, make today bubbly!! ..... should Bubbly Tuesday come back for a visit? Anyone remember that link up I started way back at the beginning?!

I am tagging Meg, Brie, Alissa, Faith, & Morgan to keep the 5 truths going

Monday, March 25, 2013



Ending the last week of our March Style Guide with a statement, also known as patterns! This year it all seems to be about the statement piece (or pieces) you pair together to get that eye catching look. Aztec, chevron, stripes, and floral should all be patterns you find in your closet this spring/summer. I think they are so fun to spruce up any outfit day or night. And matching? Don't you worry that rule is out the door.... feel free to mix and match all your fav patterns together, these days anything goes!

Happy Monday Dolls!


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Friday, March 22, 2013

nails and phone cases

 shoes: Madden Girl // jeans: A&F // shirt, sunnies, bangles: F21 // iPhone case: Amazon // lips: MAC chatter box

I have a slight obsessing with ordering iPhone cases off of Amazon. Can anyone else relate to this? They are like 2 dollars for a case + it gets here in less than a shipping!! AH-MAZING! I have had to cut back since it was getting a little out of control so now I stick to a new one every other month. I mean I drop by phone enough that after a month or so it gets pretty banged up. If you are looking for new cases and you have not been to amazon, GO. NOW. 
To wrap up accessory week on C&B, I am sporting neon today. It doesn't need to be much just a touch of neon can go along way. The back of shoes, earring, bangles or nails nothing too bold but enough to notice. I found this bottle of nail polish in my friends "nail salon" at her house and put it on immediately... I can't remember the name so dont hate me! The neon yellow caught my eye instantly, I think revlon makes a similar color. I like the neon on nails because you have the flexibility to wear it casual or dress it up for the weekend! 
So who has gone out and updated their spring accessories this week? 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

giveaway for 3 lucky winners!

We have been talking spring fashion all month on C&B so I am overly exciting to be partnering with these 11 lovely ladies for one large giveaway for 3 lucky winners!! $100 Visa gift cards...... heck yes!  This is a chance for 3 of you to win some $$ for your new spring wardrobe!! GOOD LUCK!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Guest Post // Aesthetics by Jena

I am so excited to introduce you all to a good friend of mine who is am amazing make-up artist and aesthetician! She is always up to date with the trending make up colors ad styles. Please go visit her blog Aesthetics by Jena for more secrets!!! 
As an aesthetician and bridal makeup artist, I have had the pleasure to try and test many products!  A huge perk of having a professional license in the aesthetic field is having access to certain products that the average consumer does not. That being said, I want to share my knowledge with all of you so you have access and an understanding of some amazing products that are on the market today! There is no need to keep secrets! And I can confidently say that I LOVE my following Spring MUST HAVES!

MAKEUP Products:
1. MAC Dazzlelight Eyeshadow: The perfect highlighting eyeshadow for a spring shimmer!

2. MAC Springsheen Blush: The name says it! A golden spring sheen to brighten up your look.

3. MAC Love Nectar Lip Gloss: This golden gloss is very versatile and can be used both day and night.

4. Maybelline Baby Lips: At such an affordable price point, you really can't beat the color selection and how long it lasts!

5. Advanced Mineral Makeup Foundation: As temperatures rise, we can find our skin feeling oily which is no bueno! This high quality foundation is light weight, 100% vegan, and naturally good for the skin!

SKIN CARE Products:
1. Rhonda Allison Brightening Scrub: Spring symbolizes re-birth, as flowers boom and we shed our winter skins! The scrub not only smells naturally amazing but contains kojic and azelaic acid, which is perfect for brightening tired skin.

2. Rhonda Allison Citrus Gel Cleanser: Fortified with natural botanicals, this cleanser can be used on pretty much any skin type, even rosacea!

3. Clarisonic Opal: This product works! I have to say I was a skeptic, but it truly does brighten and open up a tired eye! A pretty penny, but worth it!

4. Vi Derm Vitamin C: An absolute must for anti-aging! Will help fight free radical damage while improving skin tone and texture.

5. EltaMD UV Clear Sunscreen: As noted, Elle approved, and amazing! Light weight, non-greasy, and actually okay on even acne prone skin! My husband even loves this one!


Thanks Jena!! Hope you all got to learn a little something more on make up and skin care for the up coming season. Remember to go over and check out Jena's blog and see what else she has to share :)

Happy First Day of Spring Love Bugs!
Tuesday, March 19, 2013

soft pink + bold accessories

 pants, shirt, clutch: Marshall's // shoes: Aldo // earrings: Target // watch: MK // nail polish: Essie "Fiji"

Happy Tuesday!! I had the most productive day yesterday which obviously included shopping and painting my nails.... I mean thats productive according to women right?! I was instagram stalking one of my bff's while stretching after my morning run, when I saw she was sporting a fabulous white peplum top. Naturally I got on the phone and demanded she tell me where I can find such a beautiful thing....  I couldn't believe my ears, $12 from Marshall's? Ladies this is a must have, go get yourselves one! I decided to go with soft pinks, neutrals, + white for the outfit. Pastels + whites always scream Spring time, however I just felt the outfit needed a little more sass to it. I added the bold purple earrings + green clutch and tada it totally changed the look! 

Question for you ladies, how are we feeling about ombre hair? Still in-style or should I be making an appointment with my hairdresser for some bright blonde highlights?! I am having a hard time deciding give me your thoughts :)


Monday, March 18, 2013

March wish list

How is everyone feeling today? Can you believe it is a new week, March is half over? I was talking to my good friend Adrienne yesterday, planning out the events in the up coming weeks and mid convo we both stopped and looked at each other... "where has 2013 gone, it will be over before we know it!" Crazy. Today I wanted to show you my wish list for Spring accessories. It has been super warm and sunny in Arizona this past few days. I was trying to get ready on Friday (I went to happy hour with Miss. Brie from Sophistifunk... check Insta for pics!) and realized many of my go to accessories are all winter... dark and cold! So my goal this week is to get out there and add a little color to my feet, hair, ears, and nails. What is your favorite Spring accessory?!

Friday, March 15, 2013

the day to wear green

shorts: A&F // shirt + blazer: F21 // necklace: Etsy // shoes: Chuck Taylors

This weekend is St. Patty's day!! I think this is the one holiday that is celebrated everywhere and never a dull moment to be had. This year it falls on Sunday...  I will be acting like an adult by not consuming any green beer + working instead! Hope you all consume enough for you and me :)

So major drama in blog land this week? I think you all know I am referring to GFC and their announcement to be ending as of July 1st. I am not very good at change... I mean, at all... but I will learn to adjust! Bloglovin' it must be. Anyone who is used to Bloglovin' give me some pointers, it seems a little confusing. You can follow C&B on Bloglovin' HERE, and I will make sure to hit the follow back so I don't miss out on any fabulous posts. 

Happy Friday + Happy Weekend!
Thursday, March 14, 2013

Its all about Business

One of the best parts in being a blogger is you get the chance to get out there and meet other bloggers in  real life! Whether it is meeting for coffee, a group blogger meet up, or blogging conference meeting the girls behind the computer is always fun. If you are looking to expand your blog and grow I would suggest investing in some business cards! Sound a little silly? I used to think so but it is not at all!! Especially if you are selling any sort of products or services through your blog, business cards are a m u s t  h a v e. 

I had my cards made by Mallory Hope Design (she is amazing!!) who has a million different options for you to  choose from. Her creative brain comes up with the best color combinations, details, and esthetics! Take a look below....

"Hi, I'm Mallory. The designer behind Mallory Hope Design. I lovingly create stylish, graphic and print design. I am a perfectionist with a passion for all things design — I am obsessed with fonts, colors, and layouts. My style is modern and clean. Thanks for stopping by! "

I wanted mine to be simple and classic so this is the option I opted for....

Totally obsessed with them, and everyone is always asking me where I got them done!Yes ladies, make people jealous of your business cards! :)

Please visit Mallory HERE and favorite her Etsy store! If you are in the market I would highly suggest!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

festival fashion

Besides beautiful weather, fabulous fashion, spring is also known for the kick off to music festivals! My outfit today was inspired by my experience last year at Coachella. One of the best weekends hands down of my life, full of new experiences, great musicians, and fashion like I had never seen before. Below is a photo I snapped walking into the grounds on the first day...

Music festivals are the best places to play with your creative mind because anything goes... and I mean anything! If you are someone who doesn't like to step out of your outfit comfort zone I would suggest buying a ticket to any music festival near you and give it a try. Sometimes you might surprise yourself and come up with a new trend or at least find a new niche that suits your personality. 
boots: Steve Madden, shorts: A&F, tee: Nordstrom, jacket + headband: F21, watch c/o Feral Watches

I love this sequin blazer because it can be paired super casual (as seen above) or add a LBD and you are ready to hit the town! If you are out shopping the key idea is to find versatile pieces that still catch the eye. Happy Wednesday. 


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

classic black + white

 shots, shirt, blazer, necklace: F21, shoes: H&M, hat: Target, bracelet c/o ShopCrystalFaye lips: Dior FireWorks, nails: OPI off Collins Ave. 

Usually I am all about color, I am the kind of girl that has a million multicolored socks that I could never possibly find a match to so I wear a green and pink together or a zebra and orange! There is just something about color in spring time that gets me excited, BUT this year I have been drawn to the classic black + white. It screams classy and looks fresh for the new upcoming season! The best part about black + white is that if you are still wanting to wear a few of your favorite items from winter you definitely can! Easily incorporate them with a new pair or shorts or hat and you can transform any outfit. If you notice I kept a little color on my lips and nails.... I mean I have to have a pop of color somewhere, right? 

Monday, March 11, 2013

crazy for blazers

blazer collection

HERE. WE. GO..... kicking off week 2 of March and our spring style guide! Last week we covered maxi dresses in detail, of course I was out shopping this weekend and feel in l o v e with so many fabulous maxi's. The color mint is really jumping out at me this season, just love it! However here in week 2 we will talk about the blazer! In spring the temperatures can be a little chilly morning + night but daytime weather seems to be just perfect. Blazers seem to have a certain look about them that just screams classy, even if paired with chucks and shorts.....
Above are a few of my favorite looks for the spring. Starting tomorrow you will see how I have been styling my blazers this spring and hopefully you will get some inspiration for ideas of your own!

Happy Monday Blogging Beauties!!