Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Instagram Round-Up : Summer Style

Hello! Can you believe that we are already over half way through July?! I sure can't. And I would really appreciate if time slowed down since July is my birthday month and I am officially going to be into my 30's. WHAT!! 

I feel like a broken record when I say life has been busy, but really... way more busy than I had planned. I am sorry for the lack of new outfit posts BUT I have a great summer round up of 10 of my favorite go to summer looks from Instagram!
Friday, July 7, 2017

evening at the dog beach

I am mixing up the blog post today and skipping outfits all together. Instead, I am inserting a real life spontaneous family outing we had yesterday! I am talking no make up, no getting ready, no camera, this is the Puckett's in real life. And to tell you the truth, these are some of my most favorite photos  (all taken on my iPhone 6) we have ever taken together!

If you have been following on Insta-stories, we are up here in Canada building our new house! Its been such an amazing experience, and yes, I have promised a home post but gathering the photos has been so much work... I'll have it soon! The temperature has been hot, really hot for this time of year so we have been starting work at 7am and trying to finish a little earlier in the day. Yesterday it hit 100 degrees, everyone was grouchy and hot and tired! Stephen and I had taken our cars in for inspection to complete the last portion of importation process. The girl at the counter had asked if we had been going to the lake since it was so hot out, we answered no.  She knew we had dogs and told us about a great dog beach only about 7 minutes from our house that we would love.  Let's go! At 5:30 we threw on our swim suits, grabbed the dogs leashes, and piled in the car.  This was going to be fun since neither dog had ever gone swimming before!

Take a look at what memories were made...

^^ this is my favorite photo of the three kids swimming (left Coors, middle Levi, right Sofia). I am debating on photoshopping myself out and framing it! ^^

We weren't exactly sure how the dogs would react to the lake. Levi hates all types of water, the bath, the creek, anything he is usually not a fan. We got to the beach and found our own little area, the Levi to our surprise, walked right in immediately and starting paddling! It was the cutest thing, he started wagging his tail back and forth and using his front paws.  We were all cheering and laughing, he was a little Canadian beaver right off the bat. 

Coors on the other hand, we knew he would walk in the water but actually swim? Not sure. He was a little scared even once he saw Levi swimming around. I walked over and grabbed his collar to guide him in with me. (side note, Coors is a mama's boy all the way, so I knew once I was in the water and guided him to me he would eventually come) And he did, BUT it wasn't as graceful as we hoped. Coors was a flailing out of control pup! We were hysterically laughing while trying to guiding him at the same time. He would stand on his back legs and flail his arms! Once I got Coors to put his big ol booty up and kick his legs he eventually got the hang of it. 

It was an amazing evening for our family. Seeing the laugher on everyones face, seeing the dogs learning new tricks, seeing Sofia smile so big her cheeks hurt, all of it made our hearts warm with love. It is memories like this that I was to remember for a lifetime. We are having so many new experiences up here, documenting them is a must.  Even if just on my iPhone! I think I should probably get a waterproof case, anxiety of dropping my phone in the water was over the top. 

I had had questions before on the pups so here is  little about them. 
Levi: Chihuahua Corgi mix (we think!) he will be 3 on August 22, male, 20lbs
Coors: purebred Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog) he will be 3 on December 13, male, 63lbs (he is oversized for his breed!)

Happy Weekend Everyone!
Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

We are celebrating our first Canada Day as Canadian Residents! It is an extra big deal this year because Canada is turning 150 years old. If you ever think the USA has country spirit you need to think again. I have seen more maple leaf flags, red and white, and eh signs that I could ever have imagined!

Sofia is extra excited, she been collecting Canadian memorabilia for the last two weeks! Walking around waving that little maple leaf flag with such pride. I love seeing her adapt and learn all about her new country she now lives in. 

here are 5 things we have learnt our first month in Canada:

1. Taking family photos in the country is much more difficult than our paved neighborhoods in Arizona. Coors is about to take off any minute he sees a moving animal! I was driving out of the farm last week, windows down and Coors in the backseat. All of a sudden I hear a weird sounds so I whipped my head around and Coors has jumped out of the moving SUV and was running straight towards the horses.... insert eye roll!

2. You need to have a loonie (that is the Canadian dollar coin!) to get a grocery cart from the grocery store. Once you are finished you return the cart and you get your loonie back.  This stressed me out the first few times, now I have learnt to keep a few loonies in the dash of my car. 

3. Everything is in Kilometers here. Speed limit, how far away things are, just everything. Not usually a big deal except for my MPH is the larger number on the speedometer so I really have to watch my speed. And calculate the distance!

4. Gas is expensiveeeeee. I had a heart attack the first time I filled a full tank. On the opposite note, I have been driving on the same tank for almost two weeks and still have over half left. You win some, you loose some. 

5. Small towns are really the best. thing. ever! As much as I miss the connivence of living in a city you learn to do without. Or really not need it at all. Funny how when your options aren't available you don't think of it. 

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend whether you are in Canada or the US of A! Enjoy your countries spirit, we sure are!