Monday, March 6, 2017

SONY A5000 review

I am so excited to share this review with you today. I am still learning the camera so I can't touch on everything but I will give a few of my favorite shots, why I chose the camera, and what I use the camera for. 

Why I chose the SONY A5000
Being a professional wedding + portrait photographer I do A LOT  of traveling. It is one of my favorite parts of my career and I always feel so humbled when we get a great trip booked. When I used to travel I was constantly worried about something happening to my large DSLR. I would never want to chance hurting it or getting it lost, and most of the time it never fit in my bag anyways. I would end up bring my entire camera bag (which was not convenient) or not taking my camera at all and using my phone which would make me frustrated!

I did some searching around and decided I needed a few things; 1 - needed wireless option to send photos directly to my phone 2 - small enough to fit in my purse 3 - wanted the selfie mode. The Sony A5000 does all of these things! 

When we booked our trip to Tahiti I knew I was not going to take my big DSLR but no way was I going to miss out on photos of a life time. Take a look at some of my favorite shots I took on the Sony A5000

^^ The best part about the camera being small was I could take it out into the ocean and not worry about dropping it! That allowed me to get some amazing one-of-a kind shots!

^^ The camera picks up so many levels of color contrast. Especially when shooting the sky and clouds which can be difficult at times to capture.  

^^ You can set your aperture (or F stop) when shooting Manual just like your regular DSLR. This allows for you to control the level of depth (or the blurriness) of the background.

^^ It takes super sharp images even from a distance!

^^ The selfie mode is amazing! A small screen the pop up and allows for you to line up your shot perfectly. Also, great new angles!

^^ The camera has a panoramic option as well! Look how crips this frame is?

^^ Another reason why I love the SONY A5000 is for the attention to detail in your far away shots. You can have your subject in the photo and still capture small scenic details if needed.

^^ If you are looking for a great portrait camera this one is so clean and sharp!

^^ Even when shooting in lower light, your subjects show up clear!

^^ I used to struggle so much with sunset photos, capturing the unique colors, but with the SONY A5000 I shoot in manual and the shots show up incredible!

This camera saved my life in Tahiti! It is amazing to not have to constantly be worried about breaking or loosing my large DSLR, to be able to whip out the camera at any moment and snap the perfect photo was so easy! Then to be able to just wirelessly transfer it to my computer or phone to upload saved so much unnecessary work so I wasn't on my computer all trip!

One feature I have not used yet is the video. I have read amazing review, however I do not use video often so I will learn that in the next little while. 

I am so excited to keep using the SONY A5000 especially when doing fun activities with the family. It has given my DSLR a break, eased my mind, and still allowed for me to have photos I am so proud  of!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm looking to pick up a camera like this in the next few months because traveling with my DSLR and lenses can be a hassle (and I;m a total amateur). Going to look into this for sure!

xo, Maddy

Laura Fox said...

Love this post! I was considering this camera and you've helped me so much! Would you say it would take good street style outfit shots?

Mrs. L said...

Great photos, will definitely consider this model when I buy a new camera! I love the leather case!

Madame X
The Flower Duet

Emily said...

thanks for sharing! i definitely get tired of carting around my DSLR all the the time, so this seems like a great option for travel. the photos are gorgeous!

xo Emily

Lauryncakes | Lauryn Hock said...

Not only is the camera cute, but it takes beautiful photos!

xo, Lauryn

Unknown said...

Awesome post! Love learning more about cameras and equipment! I may need to pick this one up since carrying my Canon is not always feasible!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of newbie to cameras, I have a DSLR but it's in the beginning end of things (a Nikon D 3300) so I'm not a pro but I do know it can be a hassle to lug around and I would love to have a smaller options to tote with me! Thanks for sharing!
Taylor |

Little Tree Vintage said...

ive wanted this beauty for a while! thanks for sharing!

Pretty in Pink said...

such a cute little camera and the pictures are amazing!

megan |

sparkleshinylove said...

That pineapple shot is amazing! Love these photos!

xoxo Mandy

Unknown said...

LOVED reading this! I got a Sony A5000 for Christmas last year and love it so much. I am still not familiar with all of the features though so this post taught me a lot!

xo, Shelby

Samantha Fab Finds said...

Beautiful pics and great review!! I need this camera ASAP!

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