Wednesday, June 22, 2016

summer skin care

Today,  I am sharing my summer skin care routine with you all! It is not very intensive, just a few easy steps that I have found works perfect for me + my skin. I have tried many, many product in the past from expensive to drugstore brands and everything in between. I have very fair and sensitive skin so I use products with little to no scent and I always make sure to protect against the sun!

St. Tropez mouse + face // tan towels c/o Beauty Brands

Let's start with my two favorite self tanners that I use all year round. Last year I discovered Tan Towels, in full sizes and half sizes. I feel Tan Towels are amazing for a quick touch up tan. I have very fair skin, so I just use the regular Tan Towels that way I don't have any chance of turning orange! (as I know that can be everyones concern) Since I use the Tan Towels for a perfect touch up color  I prefer to use the half size towelettes, one for my legs (when needed) and the other on my face and neck then pull down through my arms. I typically use these towels during the middle of the week and between my St. Tropez tan sessions! 

Which brings me to my next product St. Tropez! I just discovered this foaming mousse about a month ago and I am OBSESSED! Its a darker color foam you apply using the application mit in circular motions starting with your feet, then legs, up through your body, arms and ending with chest. Some people apply to their face as well but I do not. My face is extremely sensitive so to keep from any sort of break out I use the St. Tropez gradual face self tanner + anti aging! When it comes to the face I do not mess around... especially with the age of 30 approaching.  After the application you will look dark, do not get wet or exercise for 8 hours after application. I typically apply the tanners an hour before bed. I make sure I am nice and dry (no sweat marks from sleeping!) then wake up in the morning and wash off in the shower before I start my day. 

CeraVe foaming wash // CeraVe moiturizing lotion // Aveeno protec + hydrate // coconut oil

The next products I am going to talk about it my morning and night face wash routine. Its not elegant or intensive I only use 3 products at night and 3 in the morning. To start off in the morning I use the CeraVe foaming (there are two cleansers, the foaming and the non foaming, I use the FOAMING it comes in the light green label, I have found the non foaming cleaner does not take off any of my make up!) to wash my fresh face, get those eye boogers as I call them out. Then I apply the CeraVe moisturizing lotion on my face and chest and allow to soak in about 5 minutes later I apply (every morning no matter what!) the Aveeno protect + hydrate sunscreen 50 in the summer and 30 in the winter. My make-up has an SPF yes, but I am extra cautious with my face + chest now so I always use a sunscreen daily! I let the sunscreen soak in for about 5 to 10 minutes before I apply my face make-up! And thats it for morning! I should probably invest in an eye cream so if you have any recommendations let me know. 

For evening my routine is even quicker! I use coconut oil to remove my make up, just get a spoonful on my fingers and rub on my eyes. It is definitely a scary site as I look like a raccoon or have huge black eyes, not romantic or sexy in the slightest! Stephen actually always makes funny sounds or laughs at me as I do this. BUT, I dont care, it works like a charge and feels so good on my eyes, no rubbing or pulling at all! I splash waster on my face to get the residue off, then finish with the CeraVe cleansing wash again. This is where the importance of getting the foaming wash comes into place.  Last step is using the CeraVe moisturizing lotion generously for an all over coverage. That is is, simple + easy 3 step routine!

One last thing I use during the summer for fresh skin is...... WATER! I literally drink water all day everyday. Especially being that the temperature is 100+ daily in Arizona, the power of water is magical! 

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Jessica Sheppard said...

Self-tanners are so much work!!! Every year I think rocking the porcelain doll thing will become a new trick...still no luck. Maybe I'll try these products this summer! ;)