Monday, June 6, 2016

snaps from Banff

A few weeks ago Stephen and I made a trip up to Canada (where I am originally form!) to look at a wedding venue we wanted to book before we decided to elope. Since the trip was non refundable and we didn't need to look at the venue anymore we decided to explore the rockies, visit family, and of course I had a few shoots booked as well. So out vacation turned into a traveling work vacation which is just fine with me. Secretly I don't think Stephen mines either, he is starting to look real good with the Canon strap around his neck! 

I grew up in a small town called Vernon, located in the north Okanagan in British Columbia. We flew in, spent a raw days around town visiting and working then hit the road at 5am for a trip over to Banff! I remember Banff as a child, my uncle was an auctioneer so we used to start at the Fairmount Banff Springs and run through the halls of the castle! I knew Stephen would love Banff and wanted to show him all the areas in the few shorts days we had there. Of course the weather had been perfect.... until we arrived. A high of 32 one day and rain showers off and on, good thing we brought the umbrella!

One location I knew was a  must to see is the famous Lake Louise! It is difficult to see in some of these photos but to the eye the lake was the famous well known emerald green. Since the weather was so foggy, dulls, and well cold, the light wasn't bringing the colors out as much in photos. It is seriously breath taking! I could stand and stare all day long. Best times to go to Lake Louise is before 10am or in the evening, the tourists are in full force during the day! 

We also went to Emerald Lake, which is about 30 minutes away from Lake Louise and spend the day walking around and exploring!  It was pouring rain, poor Stephen was standing in the rain with a plastic bag around the camera while trying to get the perfect shots of me. And the amazing part, he didn't complain once, #instagramhusband award winner for sure!

I can't wait for our next trip to Banff!


Shannon Rice said...

This looks absolutely beautiful! Canada is on my "must visit" list and I know it's a place Brandon would love too! Isn't nice when that camera strap starts to look good ;)

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Unknown said...

Lovely photos.