Wednesday, May 4, 2016

stepping out of the box

outfit details:

jeans // top // bag //  shoes //  earrings // bracelets 

Happy Humpday! I stepped out of the box while browsing through Nordstrom the other day when I picked up this olive green button up blouse. I usually tend to stick with tee's or blouses that pull over the head but I saw this shirt and saw all the opportunities it has! I recently wore it on Instagram as a vest, and in todays post I tied the bottom for a shorter look. I have also worn is tucked in as well! The shirt also comes in: white, black, and navy! I seriously want them all. 

Another item I want to bring to attention are these amazing Bauble Bar earrings! I have really sensitive skin, I have tired to wear necklaces which in the winter is okay but as the weather heats up (it will be over 100 today!!) my skin gets extra sensitive so I have tuned to statement earrings as jewels. I love these, they have a little bit of leopard, little cream, little blush! Can be dressed up formal or down casual! Score! And they are $34 :)

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Olivia DiTomaso said...

Love the distressed jeans.


Edye Nicole said...

Love the whole outfit! Especially the jeans, so cute :)

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