Friday, April 15, 2016

crop tops and cut off shorts

outfit details:

shorts // top (on sale!) // necklace // bag // sandals // sunglasses // bracelets // nail polish

I bought this chambray crop last spring and I have seriously been wearing it all year long. You can see how I styled it last in this post, which was a little more dressy than todays look! The top is perfect for all occasions, and it is on clearance (I can't believe it!) for 10.90. Yes you read that right, 10.90!

Todays super casual summer look is in preparation for the Arizona weather climbing into the 90's and I am sure by next month 100 will be a daily occurrence! Question for you all: would you rather have super hot weather or super cold? I have battled this question for years!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, see you all next week!

shop the look below:


Edye Nicole said...

Love this look!!! Hope you had an amazing weekend <3

Edye //

Unknown said...

My best friends and I debate that question all the time. We both prefer cold weather (it reaches 100 here too and where we grew up it would get to 120 in the summer. ugh!). The other question to debate is, would you rather be as cold as you can be and you can't do anything to get warm or would you rather be as hot as you can be and you can't do anything to cool off? I used to say cold because I like fall and winter better but after freezing when taking blog pictures on winter mornings, I think I'd rather be as hot as I can be. Anyways, your outfit is super cute!