Thursday, July 16, 2015

Caress Love Forever

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I am constantly searching for new fragrances, body washes, or lotions each season. I love having a smell that is not overbearing or strong yet can still catch attention just like my personal style! Having an all around sensual sent can really do wonders for a lasting impression, and as a woman I believe that making that impression is a valuable trait. 

When I came across the Caress Love Forever body wash, I snagged it up! As Stephen + I's anniversary approaches, it's important to keep love in the air, and the best way to grab someone’s attention is, of course, your scent! The Caress Love Forever fragrance has a blend of rich floriental sweetness and rich dark berries. When I step out of the shower my nose goes to heaven and I find myself smelling that sweet smell all day long. 

Having products that help you feel fabulous and give you that extra boost of confidence is a yes in my book!
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The Petite Diaries said...

& just like that I seem to be out of some body wash! Must check this scent out :)

xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries