Tuesday, October 21, 2014

splurge vs. save

spluge vs save

nude heels - splurge | save // burgundy boots - splurge | save // pink coat - splurge | save

I love fall/winter clothing. Its comfy, stylish, cute, and just overall makes you feel great. What I don't love? The prices! Especially living in Arizona I just can not justify spending a lot of items I know I may wear for a month or two. If I lived else where… humm DC, NY, Connecticut, Colorado we would be talking a different story. I put together a little splurge vs. save for you on my 3 favorite items I am ding to add to my wardrobe. I am debating on spending the sludge $$ for the nude heels… those babies are a. beautiful! and b. I can wear all year around! Shhh though, let' not tell the bf where his christmas fund went!! 


Chelsea Oliver said...

Love all your picks, but actually like all the cheaper picks best! I guess my taste isn't always too expensive!!


Unknown said...

I love your picks! This time around shopping can become very expensive if you throw a pair of boots and a coat in the mix.
Red Reticule

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'd save on the coat and shoes and splurge on the boots!

Jen said...

Those boots are amazing!!! I splurged on some new vests for fall. :)

Unknown said...

love those boots!