Monday, June 16, 2014

blazers to the rescue

blazer (SIMILAR) c/o Sheinside // shorts (SIMILAR): Forever21 // black tank (SIMILAR): Nordstrom // shoes (SIMILAR): Steve Madden // clutch (HERE) c/o LuLu*s // watch (HERE): MK // nail polish (HERE): Essie 'bachelorette bash' // lips (HERE) & (HERE): MAC 'snob' + 'vegas volt' mixed 

This post is directed to all you ladies living in overly hot climates... Phoenix, Vegas, Austin, any southern state.... I am sure you will all be able to relate to what I am about to say. Here in Phoenix the temp as I have stated before is well over 100+ degrees... we have already hit 111 last week! Ah! So why am I wearing a blazer? Naturally I sweat my booty off outside but as soon as I walk into the mall, grocery store, or any restaurant the AC is cranked so high that I immediately start to shiver. This drives me crazy!!! SO,  I have started to plan outfits that can be worn both ways. When I got to the grocery or the mall I usually grab a cardigan but going out to dinner or evening time I have stared to add light blazers like this one from Sheinside to polish off the outfit. PS yes I was sweating for these pics, good thing it only took me a few mins to shoot! Happy Monday loves!


Nicole said...

This blazer is amazing! I want it so bad - is it no longer available? =*(

Why Girls Are Weird said...

That blazer is FANTASTIC!

The CHIC Insomniac said...

Great blazer! I was just in Phoenix, and I totally hear what you're saying about the ac being freezing... Don't know how you handle that heat! I'm in San Diego and even here to too hot for me! :)

The CHIC Insomniac

Amy said...

I absolutely love this floral blazer!

xo Amy

Unknown said...

When I went to Texas during the summer, I planned for the super hot weather and packed no cardigans or blazers. Every place we went into was freezing cold. I would freeze then melt then freeze and then melt. A lightweight like yours would have been perfect for have with me. I learned my lesson. lol

Unknown said...

so true! people crank the AC so much in the summer & it gets way too cold. A blazer is the perfect piece to cover up with and still look put together!