Monday, March 24, 2014

the non-workout girls guide to working out

Originally, in my mind I thought I was a workout "model", posing as if I was taking regular outfit pics. When I reviewed the pics on my camera I died laughing... I mean is this real life? I A) am not a fitness blogger/addict/knowledge and B) workout clothes are not nearly as flattering on me in real life as they are in my mind. So after trying too hard for the first few pics I decided THIS is how I was going to finish the outfit post.... take a look!

pants + top c/o Aeropostale // shoes: Nike

I am not a personal trainer, I don't know how to workout properly in a gym, and I tend to wear my workout clothes more for running errands than I do for actually doing physical activity. In saying that, I do exercise! Often.  I struggle with anxiety largely in my everyday life so instead of turning to medication I turned to outdoor running. I run 4-5 times a week, any distance between a mile or 4 depending on my mood. I have found that running has lowered my anxiety, almost entirely eliminated my panic attacks, and given me some toned up legs! 

This spring I wanted to step my workout game up just a bit. Being that I am too cheap and honestly have no idea how to use an official gym annnnnd I saw Miley Cyrus's butt at the AMA's I factored in squats with my running! I started with 50 squats a day, and every 2 days I upped my count by 10. I took one day off every 5 days to give my body a little rest. *disclaimer I just made this up as I went, there is no "professional" guidance behind my madness!

I do sets of 10 in each position. When stepping forward or sideways with one leg at a time I ALWAYS do both. We don't need any lopsidedness now, do we?!

There you have it, the non-workout girls guide to working out! It is not a lot and not very technical but it works for me. Taking 30-45 minutes a day to go for a run + to get those legs squatting has done wonders for me both emotionally and physically. Just remember you are not in competition with anyone else but yourself. So just take the first step and get those workout clothes on, then take the next and go for a short jog, in no time you will be making progress! I am calling todays post Motivation Monday! 


Nina Piccini said...

This is so cute! Love the "action" shots :)

xo, Nina

Kyla said...

These are really cute shots! I've been doing more squats lately, and they really are the best way to get a better butt!

Brie Bemis @ Sophistifunk said...

ohhh, are just the cutest!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Well I for one thing you look great in these pics!

Sarah said...

It's amazing what a run can do for you! I believe it's the best medicine!

Groomy said...

You are looking great in your all pictures dear. I just loved your workout clothes style. I was looking some ideas on what to wear in gym and here I got great information. Thanks a lot for posting wonderful pictures here.

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