Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make-Up Tutorial | everyday face

I am super excited/nervous to share my first face make-up tutorial with ya'll today! I have been asked this question many times, I have gone to multiple make-up artists, and through trial + error I finally have my daily make-up routine down to a point. Now this is when I am actually "getting ready" for the day or for a casual evening, not a night out or special event. 

I have spread it out to step by step, may seem like a lot but I wanted to be detailed. So here goes....

Step 1: I apply STROBE CREAM by MAC using 190 foundation brush by MAC

With a fresh clean face I apply strobe cream to my cheek bones, forehead, top of the nose, and chin using the 190 foundation brush (I purchased the travel size in a kit). You only need a little about a dime size. This adds a sheer coat that brighten your face through your make-up. It is also very hydrating. 

Step 2: Apply BB CREAM by Revlon

Using my hands I apply Revlon's photo-ready bb cream all over my face and under my chin down my neck. Depending on how much coverage you are looking for depends on how much cream to use. It is light and airy but a little does go a long way. I like the BB CREAM because it is not as thick as foundation but has a little more than tinted moisturizer. 

Step 3: Apply CONCEALER by Revlon using 190 FOUNDATION BRUSH by MAC

After allowing your bb cream to dry apply CONCEALER to your "trouble"spots. I do a check make under each eye, the tip of my noise, my chin, and between my eye brows. For yourself look at where you are the reddest and apply concealer where needed. 


I like to add just a bit of powder over my bb cream to dull the shine. I tend to have oily skin (especially living here in Arizona) so gently brushing powder all over the face will soak up the oil. I use the 150 large powder brush for all over coverage. I use C3 for the color, it dulls my redness with keeping close to my skin color. 

 Step 5: Apply BLUSH by Clinique using 116 BLUSH BRUSH by MAC

After powder has set I apply my BLUSH by Clinique directly on my cheek bones. I start closer into my noise and pull the BLUSH up to the very top of the bone where it meets my hair. This give your face a narrow "high" look that we envy about all those models! The color I use is "precious posy" by Clinique. Important note is to not use the powder brush, you will not get the same effect as a blush brush. 

Step 6: Apply LUMINIZER by MAC using 116 BLUSH BRUSH by MAC

Final step is to apply just a touch of luminizer in a few key places to look like the sun has hit you perfectly all day. I apply MAC's "fantasy of flowers" to the area just above the cheek bone (you don't want to cover your blush) to the top of your forehead, bridge of the noise, just above your up (under your noise) and your chin! Remember, just a bit, you dont want to blind people with all that glitter. 

And there you have it! That is my typical face make-up routine. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial :)

If you are interested in any of the product I use I listed them below for you! 


Ashley said...

So so pretty!! I love and use MAC's Strobe cream all the time. It gives such a nice fresh and glow to the face..

Xo Ash
Sincerely Miss Ash

Ashley said...

I use the same BB cream. So glad you posted this. I love seeing other people's make up routines. You have beautiful skin Stesha!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oddly, you're reminding me I need to wash my brushes today!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...
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The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So pretty!

Because Shanna Said So said...

Can I have your flawless skin??? It's just not fair! Okay, you are sooooo doing my make up in California!! I need to learn how to use brushes when applying my make up!!

Heidi said...

I haven't tried that BB Cream yet, but I love the Revlon foundation. I'll have to try that BB cream the next time I need a new one. And, your eyes are simply gorgeous!


Jen said...

Such a pretty every day look and I love how you mix up drug store products and higher end products. I've heard more and more that the better brush you use the better results! Do you have a post where you recommend your favorite brushes??


^spring beauty must-haves on the blog

Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...


Darcy said...

So pretty! Your makeup looks great. Awesome tutorial!

Lauren said...

this looks beautiful! I'm definitely going to keep some of these items in mind for my next makeup purchase! I currently use Boscia BB cream, but I'm looking for a cheaper alternative...I think I'll have to check out this Revlon one!

Anonymous said...

So effortless! I love it! Great little tutorial!